South Korea's Lange organic skin care products list…

[China Washing Cosmetics Net Report] In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of organic life, the people are pursuing organic quality from clothing, food and shelter; the organic wind is unstoppable! In terms of skin care products, the international group of Korean Langzhi organic essenc

Thermal transfer basics

1. What is thermal transfer? What is it for? A: For the first contact with the thermal transfer of friends will have this question, in fact, thermal transfer is a special printing, thermal transfer technology in recent years has been rapid development, its main feature is the transfer of colorful

Condiment bottles need to grasp the trend of personalit…

With the gradual growth of the post-1980s, they established their own family and they began to become the main force of market consumption. At present, many products have begun to notice the changes in the market and have introduced more products that meet the needs of the post-80s. Product design

Go to the acne marks and your smooth face

After the annoying acne leaves, it will bring us the troubles of acne marks. If you don't care about it, the acne marks will disappear completely for almost a year, so you can't afford it! So don't be lazy, every day, persevere against the acne marks can say goodbye to it, which coups c

Avoid the make-up 8 big taboos to make the makeup more …

Make-up is an important part of girls' lives, but there are a lot of makeup taboos that we inadvertently commit every day. Today we list the 8 most taboos that have been committed most often, avoiding this "eight precepts" and letting you not be a dumb makeup artist. Make-up "ei

Correctly choose cosmetics away from makeup remover haz…

Make-up is easy to remove makeup, makeup remover has become a lot of MM's most troublesome thing. Because the makeup remover is also a complicated project, and the makeup remover is not clean, but it brings great harm to the skin. Here is how to choose the right cosmetics. Makeup remover Easi

Bohemian makeup

This year's bohemian style is very popular. If you want to keep up with the trend, you must learn to create an exotic look . Today, I will introduce you to the Bohemian makeup process. I want to learn more quickly. Bohemian makeup 1, the entire face of the first makeup with Pei Ling 妃 li