Solid painting materials for textile transfer printing

This material is based on binders, extender dyes and sublimating dyes as essential ingredients. According to the need to add dispersants, plasticizers, anti-settling agents and other preparations for the transfer printing solid paint material. It is to draw a pattern on the paper base material so

Device for bundling packaged goods

Patent Name Device for Bundling Packages Patent Applicant Georg Lang Principal Applicant Address Federal Germany Triffinstein Invented Personality Oleg Long Application (Patent) No. 200510069707.9 Date of Application 2005.05.08 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1721277 Auditing Announcement D

Spool binding method (1)

Spool binding refers to the method of binding staples together with needles, threads or ropes. This method is mostly used to bind strong, durable books such as encyclopedias, reference books, art books, and the Bible. For more than a hundred years, the most commonly used stitch binding method is t

Treatment of Burst Faults in Indentation Lines of Film …

Laminating film can not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the printed matter, but also improve the folding endurance performance of the surface, which is very favorable for the smooth progress of the post process. However, if the quality of the plastic film for paper or film is poor, indent

Specialty cigarette packaging (2)

Lip Balm TubeLip Balm Container,Empty Lip Balm Tubes,Metal Lip Balm ContainerEugeng International Trade Co., Ltd. ,

Core winding tension adjustment structure

CN2737539 The winding tension adjustment structure of the core winding machine comprises a paper reel, a fixed shaft, an outer end of which has external threads, and a portion of the bar-shaped keys parallel to the axis that protrudes from the shaft surface at a position close to the inner end of

Offset printing ink is approaching the advanced level i…

Since the 1970s, with the rapid growth of economic development on a global scale and the ever-increasing levels of people's culture and living standards, the printing industry has developed at a rapid rate in the world and in China. With the advancement of the printing industry, printing techn