Poland develops feedable swine packaging materials

Poland has developed a new type of packaging made of new material called “Sifts”. Its production cost is lower than that of traditional plastic packaging. It can be used to package foods that can withstand high temperatures of 120oC. It can then be used to feed pigs. fertilizer. B

The status and development of degradable plastics

2. Positioning of degradable plastics In recent years, the definition of degradable plastics in the world has three aspects: On the molecular side: Plastic wastes undergo significant changes in chemical structure or have a significant decrease in molecular weight in a relatively short period of

Analysis of High-fidelity Print Color Space II

2.gcr (full replacement of gray components) The so-called gcr is to replace the gray component contained in each version of cmy with a black version. In the four-color printing, gray is represented by the intermixing of the cmy, and the gcr is expressed by completely replacing the gray component

French promotion injection stretch blow molding transpa…

In order to further expand the technical scope, a few days ago, Sidel of France and Milliken (Milliken) signed an agreement to jointly develop and promote the global application of transparent polypropylene (ISBM PP) bottles. According to reports, the transparent ISBM PP bottles developed by Side

Experimental Study of Effect of Coating and Calendering

The calender is the last step in the production of coated paperboards. The calendering improves the smoothness of the paper by increasing the average gloss. At the same time, the distribution of surface porosity and gloss of the coated paper is also improved. However, the high distribution of thes

Wine bottle caps: Screw caps have many advantages over …

Wine bottles sealed with spiral caps are better than cork-sealed wines! This is the conclusion of an expert wine tasting organized by Wine International. International Wine magazine organized this wine tasting to resolve the dispute between cork stoppers and screw caps. The sommeliers hired by the

European company launches glass coating machine

The European glass manufacturer PLM Company introduced the glass coating machine for the first time and can process 15 to 90 bottles per minute. The coating sequence is input bottle → acceptance → immersed in base coating solution → drying base coating → cooling â†