Shanghai Hengyi SLX series plastic bottles bottled link…

Recently, the “SLX Series Plastic Bottled Bottled Linkage Line” independently researched and developed by Shanghai Hengyi Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the “Shanghai New Product Achievement” appraisal by the Shanghai Economic Commission. At the appraisal meetin

Commodity green packaging reform

At present, the vast majority of plastic products are used in almost all countries in the world to package food and pharmaceutical materials. What is worrying is that under certain media environment and temperature conditions, polymer monomers and some additives in plastics will be dissolved and t

PS copolymer packaging material for low temperature and…

Nova Chemical Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA developed polystyrene copolymer copolymer grade Dy. 1ark FG 2500, which is characterized by good low temperature toughness and high temperature rigidity, is suitable for processing and preparing microwave: 0II hot food packaging containers, me

Explore ink suitability

There are a wide variety of inks in terms of material selection, formulation design, and range of use, as well as hue varieties. However, the specific problems of printing are similar and similar. In order to facilitate the normal use of ink, we are now responding to the questions raised by many c

Laser printers in the publishing industry

At present, the application of color laser printers in the publishing industry is becoming more and more widespread. Many beautiful product pictures, design layouts need to use color laser machines to achieve pre-press proofing. Therefore, the user pays much attention to the color reproduction abi

Tailored Shaped Corrugated Boxes

With the increasing use of corrugated boxes in recent years, more and more industries are involved. Its function is not a simple package of the product, and more and more cardboard boxes users have put forward higher requirements on their functions. At present, there are a lot of informal carton p

"Overpacking" reduces the "degree" …

With the successive introduction of China's "Cleaner Production Promotion Law" and "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law", the National Development and Reform Commission is studying and formulating the "Administrative Measures for the Recycling of Packaging