The peak of home design development regains "beautiful"

Nowadays, there are countless professional designers in the home building materials industry, and the professional level is also evident. So, are consumers satisfied? Some “fashion” home designs have been popular among petty and middle-class families in first- and second-tier cities, especially small-sized ones, but as upstream companies reach third- and fourth-tier cities, those that retain relatively traditional areas may need More "practical design", no matter how the design develops, can not be separated from people's life culture.

Not losing the details of life

The author mentioned in the previous article that any piece of architecture, building materials, and home furnishing can neither be a place that can be “snail dwelling” as it used to be, nor can it be too abstract. For example, a beautiful picture of a vampire with a literary color reflecting a specific psychological period of a character is not suitable for long-term wallpaper or curtain wall; or a curved design of the bookshelf, it is very likely to attract and taste the money at the beginning. It will not be long before it becomes the "poor" furniture that the family wants to throw and throws, because the practicality is too low.

Sometimes, you can find out from the home environment of your friends that a “professional” wallpaper on platinum paper is not as good as an “amateur” sketch in a sister class.

Therefore, some people in the industry have proposed that there is no real designer in the real sense. Only the noble living family must have this meaning. Therefore, marketers not only often go to the market, take a look, make a summary, and draw conclusions, the author also suggests that you can read the hearts of consumers in literary works. Some people may experience in novels and dramas, and the author's habits "seek for supplements" in TV dramas and film works.

The author mentioned earlier that our industry should pay attention to the cultural life of the “Asian Four Little Dragons”. In fact, we can see that the concentrated areas of clothing and home furnishing enterprises are also in these places and their surrounding areas. For example, the design products of Northeast China and Beijing are more Korean culture; while the “Hong Kong flavor” on the other side of Guangdong is relatively strong, Taiwan, Fujian and Zhejiang cultures are selectively gradually shooting to the national...

How to embody the "soho" culture

Talk about the design of the house and its surrounding supporting projects. The soho city in Beijing used to be a fire, a residence that combines work and life. This is a life attitude with the characteristics of the times as the economy develops. Some companies find that this piece of the second and third-line market is not mature, it creates a "soho" culture inside the house, but if this culture is not commensurate with the life of the crowd in the short term, it may be "dead", therefore, there is Time is not a problem with the design itself, but a different cultural conflict affects life, and conflict or integration requires time verification.

The author has a group of 80-seven or even smaller consumers. This group of people, regardless of family conditions or their own conditions, can be said to have no limitations on age and geography, because everyone comes from all directions, or in pairs or single nobles. During the weekends and holidays, there was no "life", colleagues and friends gathered together, girls were busy in the kitchen, and the boys were judged in the living room and the economy in the living room.

The integration of corporate culture and life culture may be the essence of “soho”, and it is also a trend formed by the deepening of industrialization throughout the country and the expansion of the working class.

Life culture that is "customized"

Combining work and life, the author believes that this is gratifying in society, in the enterprise, in the market, and in the individual. If a company or company wants to improve the cohesiveness among employees, each employee may bring a meal at noon, and one employee can talk about his “food” every day. If conditions permit, do it on the spot, tell the story, and record the person. "Life Diary". There are few such examples in the cabinet industry, and some cabinet companies not only use this form as a corporate culture, but also expand the marketing of the market.

But what is worrying is that from the perspective of the “soho” home culture in first-tier cities, people are unable to control and lose “self-control” in this relatively free space.

Closed and open, free and bound, do not let freedom and openness become sloppy and indulgent, and let users also have the necessary rules and sense of the square, even in a family. In the days of freedom and openness, our society has already faced the negative impact, and some traditional cultures are gradually returning. However, some areas still remain in a confined environment, not only in space, but also in people's minds. These groups are also willing to accept as the first-tier city culture spreads down.

Can we inject a design idea into home design: what is missing from what culture – cultural ordering, tailor-made by stages. In the urban life where the rhythm is getting faster, where is the soul of people? Need to reach a certain level of balance. For example, a set of red cabinets, if the customer wants to change colors, if the customer wants to add some fashionable and practical accessories? Can it be incorporated into a company's product development, service support or marketing system?

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