8 cups of water a day to make water beauty

There is a saying that women are made of water! So do women want to make their skin full of water? So do you want to drink 8 glasses of water a day? See what the experts say!

Do you want to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Nutrition experts point out that drinking water is as good as taking calories. “How much is needed, how much to supplement, how much to supplement?” There is no scientific evidence at all, and drinking water will definitely be able to be cosmetic. Moreover, water is too much to drink, there are electrolyte imbalances (sodium and potassium ions are largely lost), and water-soluble vitamins (such as B group and C) are easily lost.

So how much is too much and too little? How much water does a normal person drink every day? Scientific research shows that the amount of water lost by the body every day through urine, sweating or skin evaporation is about 1800~2000 ml, so it is said that healthy adults need to supplement the water in the food every day. In fact, all kinds of food we eat every day contain a lot of water. For example, most vegetables and fruits are more than 90% water, eggs, and fish, and about 75% of water. Roughly estimated, we can eat at least 300-400 ml of water from food or soup. Therefore, after deducting 1000-1200 ml of water from food in three meals, we only drink 1000-1200 ml of boiling water per day, with an average of two cups in the morning and two cups in the afternoon, which basically meets the needs of the body. The formula for the relationship between drinking water and body weight provided by the Los Angeles Institute of International Medicine is that the amount of water required for people with small exercise is 30 ml/kg, and the amount of exercise is 40 ml/kg. According to this formula, it can be inferred that a woman with a body weight of 50 kg needs at least 1,500 ml of water per day without exercise, and at least 2000 ml under exercise.

However, the amount of water required must be based on the environment (temperature, humidity), amount of exercise, physical health and food intake of each individual, rather than following a fixed standard value. Some people do need to drink a little more water, including gout, kidney stones, but the insurance method is to follow the doctor's advice.

To be a "water beauty", in addition to the amount of control, there are still many ways to drink water, summed up roughly the following principles:

(1) Be regular, don't just drink water when you are thirsty

In the morning, drink a small amount and multiple times. This not only can supplement the moisture loss in the evening, but also promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase appetite, and stimulate gastrointestinal motility, which is conducive to regular bowel movements and lower blood pressure. Thirst is a signal in the brain that asks for hydration. Thirsty indicates that the body's water is out of balance, and it is often late to replenish water here.

(2) Drink boiled water, do not drink raw water

Boiled and boiled for three minutes, it is sterile and maintains the essential nutrients in the water, while raw water contains pathogenic bacteria. In addition, the chlorine in the water interacts with the organic machine remaining in the unburned water to produce a carcinogen called trihydroxy. According to the survey, people who regularly drink raw water are more likely to develop bladder cancer and rectal cancer.

(3) Drink fresh boiled water, do not drink "Chen Shui" fresh boiled water

It is now boiled, not only sterile, but also contains a variety of minerals needed by the body. The boiling water that has been placed for too long, such as boiled water re-cooked overnight in an automatic water heater, after repeated boiling of residual boiling water, is not in the vacuum flask and is not the same day water and steamed water that has steamed the food. Although these "Chen Shui" are sterile, they boil off the minerals that the body needs, and may also contain certain harmful substances such as nitrite. The events that cause nitrite poisoning are not uncommon.

(4) Drink hot water with salt, do not drink ice water

In the hot summer, after a lot of sweating, drink the unopened water without salt. The water entering the body can not only remain in the tissue cells, but is more easily excreted with sweat or urine. The result is more thirsty and may cause palpitation. , inability to wait for hyponatremia. At this time, you should drink some salt water to supplement the lost water and salt.

After the hot water enters the machine, it will quickly infiltrate the cells, so that the body that continuously sweats and lacks water will be replenished with water in time. Although cold drinks will bring temporary comfort, a large number of drinking water ice-cold drinks will lead to poor circulation of sweat pores, difficulty in heat dissipation and accumulation of residual heat, and it is easy to induce the Central Department.

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