Siniman Xinfumin: Environmental protection is the conscience of a company


Xin Nimin, Chairman of Siniman

[Reporter]: The theme of this year's 315 is the "Consumer and Safety" alumni. Recently, Anxin's "Poisonous Flooring" incident has been raging. Consumers are particularly worried about safety when purchasing furniture. The "Crisis of Integrity" once again set off waves, I don't know you. How do you think about this?

Environmental protection is a corporate conscience and vocation

[Xin Fumin]: Environmental protection is the conscience of a company, and it must be done. I feel that you have done it in environmental protection. There is no place to boast. This is like your vocation of alumni. The products made by the company are environmentally friendly. This is what companies must do. It is not the supervision of the consumer, it is not the supervision of the organization, but the supervision of yourself. Since the establishment of our company, we have not had a single environmental issue.

[Reporter]: In the process of product production and management, how do we let consumers buy “safe wardrobes”?

[Xin Fumin]: We have done a very detailed process in the procurement of raw materials, including the control of suppliers. Suppliers We have a strict scoring system, including products with strict sampling system. It can also be seen from our partners that it is basically ranked in the first one or two. We even issued a hard order to the purchasing department, only allowed to cooperate with which type of enterprise, from the source, the machine is exquisite. Environmental protection is not environmentally friendly, and it has nothing to do with the exquisiteness of the machine. This must be taken from the source. A few years ago, we joined hands in two ways, and we may have a forward-looking vision. Even if there is no such thing as Anxin, we will not judge the specific enterprise. This is determined by the state agency. However, I believe that it is not uncommon for furniture to be environmentally friendly. As China continues to develop, only companies that can afford their own conscience will have more room for development. Wanhua is doing some conscience, and the substrate is all provided by farmers. This supports the three rural areas and supports China's largest ethnic group. It is really a "small and sturdy". He uses additives that are completely free of formaldehyde in raw materials. This is also their strength, the production of zero formaldehyde, which has a lot of certification, whether it is from environmental protection, ecology to the development of a country in the future, this is very important. We don't support alumni records for such companies. We don't need such products. How can this be? Enterprises can not only think of individual enterprises, but also want to be more consumers and win-win.

[Reporter]: Today is the theme of the Shi Nieman dealer: "The poetry show is full of wings and winds" - the annual meeting of Shi Nieman 2012 intensive dealers, I extracted a few key words from the theme, one is "Nifeng flying" should It is the homonymous "backwind" and the "intensive cultivation". The first word from "the headwind" means that you feel that the current market environment is not optimistic. What do you think is the situation under the overall environment? What is the stage of the company?

The cold in the market is a good opportunity to "over the corner"

[Xin Fumin]: I feel that objectively bringing good development opportunities to our company. The so-called "curve overtaking" focus on the decoration of the home network, only the market is cold and cold, it is beneficial for us to get rid of the competitors and enter The stage of rapid development. I spoke this morning and said this. Winter is coming. We don’t want to cover the quilt in the bed. We should wear sportswear, put on sneakers on the playground, run a few laps in the cold winter, sweating back. This is more suitable for us. So this year is our biggest year, investing more than 1 million to buy new machines, new plants, whether it is software or hardware. The nationwide launch of the brand, to meet the cold winter, rushed out in the cold, this is our answer to the cold winter, business has no cold winter, only the survival of the fittest.

[Reporter]: I think that can be described as "breaking ice". Another word is "intensive cultivation". We have recently planned a special topic to look for the new power of the wardrobe enterprise to break through the ice. We have this motivation to sum up: Six aspects of product, marketing, talent, channel, service and management. In these six aspects, you have to sort how you will rank, the top three, 1, 2, 3?

[Xin Fumin]: Objectively speaking, the parallel of six carriages is in line with our thinking. No one is the most pursued, but each one is very important. Everything is relevant.

[Reporter]: If you want to choose one?

[Xin Fumin]: Talent. When I talked to a few entrepreneurs a few days ago, I said a word, everyone is still very touched. You pull anyone who is a business person and sit at the table. You ask him what is the most important, 99% The above will say that talent is the most important, but I am sure to tell you that 90% of Chinese entrepreneurs do not really put this sentence in their hearts. The mouth is all about go2map, how many real people do it? For example, since you regard talent as the most important thing, then the employees under your hands, personally in your company's growth, have you cared about it? In the company's growth trajectory, personal training, personal treatment, and many aspects as a manager is doing a good job in this matter. Just like the Chinese New Year this year, many executives have two or three times more red envelopes. I think it is quite good, then we will soon implement a system of long-term dividends. If you really can see talent as important, you need to do more things in a place that has close relationships with employees. Then I think that you know talent is the most important thing. Seeking truth from facts, most of the companies doing business now just say no. Two days ago, a regional manager came over. The couple bought a car to borrow money from us. I said that the company loan is interest-free. I don't have to go outside to go through the formalities. I will give you a loan. It is a lot of things, talent is the most important thing, I ask the bosses to really make the most important point of talents really do their best, I think this is even more important.

[Reporter]: Mr. Xin just said that this year, we must increase our efforts to implement the strategy of overtaking the curve. In this year's terminal, what kind of way will you increase the sales volume of the terminal?

[Xin Fumin]: The strategy is very much. First of all, we have all the new forces to open the spring, the dealers all pulled over, all by a warm-up match, and with the warm-up we have 315 activities, also in this meeting After the discussion, the first shot of the New Year will be started. Next is the terminal, a comprehensive change, all the terminals to carry out a new VI all to go online, we have started working in the middle of last year, and the cooperation with several companies has been done. All the images of a spring must be adjusted to create new faces. Throughout the year, there will be a 9th anniversary celebration. We have a 9th anniversary event in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In addition, Wanhua has a national environmental protection wind, and Wanhua board industry has done various activities. These things must be real. Carry on. In other aspects, we have specially signed contracts with the VIP agencies to let them specialize in the planning of our activities, in many aspects. Of course, it will also cooperate with Sohu, Asia Pacific and other media.

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