Big eyeliner makeup eye shadow smudged gorgeous

The eyeliner is well painted and the eyes are clearly defined. No matter what kind of eye type can draw the eyeliner, but how the eyeliner "closes" but there is a university to ask! This time we have to teach you how to say BYEBYE, gestures, tools, skills, and all the time with the twisted and twisted eyeliner! Learn to "do the mark" and immediately draw the sharpest eyeliner!

3 eyeliner methods

3 eyeliner styles, 3 styles

magical! 3 eyeliner styles, 3 styles

"Upward eyeliner" the most feminine electric eye

"Ping pull eyeliner" has a sense of fashion in Europe and America

"Dangling eyeliner" Sakura girl's favorite innocent eyes

Small hook! Strengthen the contours to become a mixed-blood beauty

Small hook! Strengthen the contours to become a mixed-blood beauty

Small hook! Strengthen the contours to become a mixed-blood beauty

Only draw the eyeliner is not monotonous, focus on the contours of the eyes, and then use the natural eyeliner to charge the eyes, add a golden eyeliner to change the vivid eyes immediately, the mixed eyeliner of the mixed beauty is like this!

Matte brown eye shadow

Matte brown eye shadow

1, matte brown eyeshadow, make a deep sense of eye socket

Use a round-headed eye shadow brush to take the earth color eye shadow, and take it back from the triangle eye recess below the brow. The eye shape becomes deep and the root of the nose is more three-dimensional. Then take the extra powder to the back eye socket to create a natural shadow, and the three-dimensional eye shape is formed instantly!

POINT: To create a natural sense of depth, choose the matte eye shadow is the correct solution!

Pillow Packing Machines

It applies for packing candy and other solid food with regular shape. Using the best high-level technology. It has reasonable structure with esthetic style, running smoothly with less noise.

Pillow Packing Machine is equipped with the PLC thouch screen and human-computer interface; High accuracy photocell can compensate the conveying speed accurately; The photoelectric detection and bi-directional tracking assure the speediness of tracking and accuracy of drawing, which can eliminate the error of packing and reduce the waste of packing film and raw materials.


Equipped with Siemens servo motors attached with CPU system, this machine can realize infinite variable speed controlling, high accuracy and dynamic regulation during operation.

The machine also has the functions of packing film auto-connection. overload protection and electric leakage protection.

With the help of PLC touch screen, the mechanical malfunctions is easy to check. It is also easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Pillow Packing Machines

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