Sakura Kitchen: Tianluo cover 2nd generation range hood

Zhang Jingwen, deputy general manager of the marketing department of Sakura Kitchen China Co., Ltd. and director of the business planning department

[Reporter]: Hello, Mr. Zhang, today is the launch conference of our second generation of Sakura Skyro, and I am very fortunate to interview you on the spot. I would like to ask, our Tianluo cover second generation products are more than the previous cherry products. What's the difference? Can you tell us something about it?

[Zhang Zong]: Hello everyone, in the past, we paid more attention to the products of the single machine, which may be mainly in line with the cooking habits of Chinese people. This time, in the development process of the second generation of Tianluo cover, we actually put forward a concept of integration. I explained it a bit, we subdivided it into three concepts and appeals. The first one is the so-called kitchen and electric integration. We take this second generation of the hood as an integral part of the overall kitchen decoration, so it can be perfectly coordinated and integrated with our overall kitchen decoration. The second one is the smoke collecting stove that integrally forms the smoke guiding cigarette. Because it is integrally formed, the smoking effect of the entire range hood can be optimized by the three steps of guiding smoke, collecting smoke and smoking. The third one is the oil net structure unique to the cherry blossoms , that is, the soot separation structure, which can be free of wash and wash. After the consumer has installed the whole kitchen, it does not need to be dismantled and removed, which truly realizes the so-called integration of the whole kitchen . These three integrated ideas and appeals are different from all of our previous products.

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[Reporter]: It is the season of cherry blossoms, and it will soon usher in 5.1 Golden Week. I believe many netizens are now selecting products for decoration. I would like to ask Mr. Zhang as an industry veteran to introduce us to the selection of kitchen appliances. When do you need special attention?

[Zhang Zong]: Actually, we are quite clear now. Although some consumers are purchasing in the process of purchasing, the whole kitchen and electrical appliances are purchased separately, but more and more consumers are in the home decoration, the whole kitchen must be They are their first choice, so we specifically launched the second generation of the hood. In fact, we feel that when you are purchasing the whole kitchen, you must consider whether the electrical equipment is coordinated with your overall formula. In addition, in addition to the range hood, the stove, the disinfection cabinet, and the water heater can be recommended for purchase by our consumers.

[Reporter]: Because every company is very concerned about channel construction, we would like to ask how cherry blossoms are promoted through channels. The second generation of Tianluo cover is on the market, what new ideas are there in the new promotion channels?

[Zhang Zong]: Can you please answer the marketing director here?

[Water]: The promotion of the second generation of Tianluo cover should be the biggest event of cherry blossoms in the past ten years. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. The channel construction of Sakura is more comprehensive. We have the first-generation specialty store, the second-generation online store, the channel of the third-generation life experience store, some boutiques, etc... This time, the planning office is targeting new products. Made a complete plan, such as newspapers, TV, posters, etc. Only through the product display of the entire terminal can you clearly know where the product is sold. I think this also fully reflects the advantages of cherry blossoms in channel construction.

[Reporter]: Ok, because of the time, we are very grateful to Mr. Zhang for accepting our interview today, and will continue to pay attention to our new products.

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