Early spring skin moisturizing massage age 2 years old

In the season of recovery of all things, the skin needs to be awakened from the state of hibernation at this time! Start from the spring, awaken the skin energy, and create a reverse age legend for your skin at an important moment of moisturizing!

Rejuvenation and ageing

Rejuvenation and ageing

Face massage with moisturizer for age 2 years old

The easiest way to reverse your muscle age is to moisturize. The most important key is a bottle of high-performance skin care products that have a soothing moisturizing effect.

Massage technique stepbystep

Use moisturizing products for lymphatic massage of the face to metabolize excess waste water, and at the same time, it can instantly rosy and make the skin more translucent.

Apply moisturizing essence

Apply moisturizing essence

First, apply the moisturizing essence evenly. After it is evenly spread, prepare for a lymphatic massage.

Move up from the eyebrows

Place the four fingers on the top of the eyebrows, move up to the hairline, and gently press.

The hair center pushes to the temple

The hair center pushes to the temple

From the center of the hairline, push the waste water to the temple and press it at a fixed point.

Nasal side to the temple

Then push from the nose to the temple and push it to the lymph nodes under the ear.

Firming chin contour

Firming chin contour

Press the thumb under the ear, the other four fingers are bent, and the side joints of the index finger will naturally fall in the middle of the chin.

Pressing the clavicular lymph

Use the power of the hand joint to push and pull the muscles of the scorpion, and finally press the position of the clavicle lymph.

Moisturizing product recommendation

Moisturizing product recommendation

Moisturizing Makeup Remover 200ml228 yuan / DHC

Organic Honey Kakadu Li Moisturizing Mask 100g698 yuan / Mukti

漾 漾 眸 眸 眸 精华 精华 精华 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

Shea Butter Nourishing Cream 50ml430 yuan / L'Occitane

Youth Rejuvenating Eye Cream 15g740 yuan / SK-II

Night elastic repair condensation 35g380 yuan / ATTENIR Ai natural


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