Packaging machine selection techniques

The packaging machine is simply a machine that packs the product and plays a role of protection and aesthetics. In the era of the increasingly popular packaging, the packaging machine is no stranger to us. When we walk into the market, we see a lot of exquisite The goods are packaged by the packaging machine equipment. Although many businesses choose to use packaging machines to package their products, there are still many misunderstandings regarding the selection of packaging machines. Many mistakes are made in the purchase of the wrong models and the purchase of inferior equipment. The salespersons recommend the packaging machine selection techniques to everyone. teach.

First of all, companies need to calculate and control their own company's costs, determine the scope of application of the packaging machine to buy, because there are many types of packaging machines, used for different production, the price is also a great inspection, so companies in the purchase , should be based on their own actual situation to assess the level of production costs, not so expensive is the best. Enterprises should be clear about what kind of use the packing machine has and how it will be produced. If the company is used to package liquid products, it can choose liquid packaging machines. If it is powder products, it will choose powder packaging machines and put them into production. Now on the market The types and functions of packaging machines are various. Enterprises should choose according to their own production needs. Do not choose the wrong equipment and create obstacles to production.

Secondly, we must also choose suppliers. At present, various brands and manufacturers on the packaging machine market are dazzling. This requires companies to understand the packaging machine industry in advance and learn more about the performance of the packaging machine. Attention should be paid to parameters, functions, etc. It is also possible to have a preliminary grasp of some qualified and well-known manufacturers so that they will not be confused at the time of purchase. Finally, companies should provide more guidance on the performance, functions, and functions of some packaging machines. They should try their best to go to actual sales companies to test machines, so that they can visually see the effects of packaging and are more conducive to production. Therefore, they have a high degree of automation and good performance. The multi-function, high-efficiency packaging machine equipment is within the scope of consideration of the purchasing enterprise.

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags without handles from paper roll, and it is an ideal equipment for producing small-size paper bags fast. By implementing steps including paper feeding, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming inline, this machine can effectively save labor costs. The equipped photoelectric detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. The equipped SIEMENS PLC system ensures that the machine can perform quickly and stably. This machine can process very thin paper, as well as produce paper bags very fast, thus this machine is especially suitable for being applied in food industries

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