Screen printing process selection

In the screen printing process, the plate making process is the key link. The first step of screen making is the selection of the screen, which is related to the quality and efficiency of the screen. Here's to share the choice of screen.

First, the choice of screen mesh number:

There are three factors to consider when using inks:

1 General water-based ink is suitable for coarse wire mesh (125-180 mesh/inch) (inch is length unit 1inch=1000mil=2.54cm=25.4mm); 2 Solvent ink is used when printing advertisements, electrical appliances, etc. The screen mesh (196-420 mesh/inch); 3UV inks use high-mesh screen (355-457 mesh/inch); 4 General ink pigment particles are fine, ink passability is good, this ink uses high mesh The number of screen meshes can also pass very well, while inks with high pigment concentrations, although with finer particles, will have poorer permeability.

Substrate types:

1 Absorbent substrates with rough surface, to achieve the best coverage of the ink layer, need more ink, so use a thicker silk screen; 2 relatively smooth surface of the non-absorbing substrate needs the relative amount of ink Less, so use a higher mesh screen.

The number of screen meshes matches the image of the original: The number of meshes to be selected is sufficient for the images on the film, ie to ensure that the finest image area has adequate screen support. (The width of the finest line that can be printed on a screen with a certain number of meshes is equal to the sum of the mesh aperture and the screen diameter, plus about 7% of the expansion when the screen is woven (eg: 180 mesh/inch screen, Mesh hole diameter 23μm, wire diameter 30μm, the thinnest print line width=23+30+(23+30)×7%≈57μm, indicating that the finest mesh can only print out 57μm lines, there is also a The formula is the screen can print the smallest point (or line) of the thickness = √ 2 * (1 + screen mesh * wire diameter) ÷ screen mesh number).

Second, the choice of wire diameter: must consider two aspects, 1 the tensile strength of the screen. 2 The fineness of the original.

When the mesh number is the same, the larger the wire diameter, the stronger the tensile strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, and the larger the thickness, the smaller the opening area (opening ratio). When the origin of the original image is twice as large as the wire diameter, the dot may fall on the screen, and the dot loss in the highlight area is heavy. When the dot is 3 times the wire diameter, any part of the dot can be sufficiently supported, and the dark tone dot can also obtain a sufficient opening area.

Third, the selection of screen should pay attention to the problem:

Uneven braiding; uneven mesh thickness; cost of selecting mesh; attention to moiré:

In the case of halftone screens, the screen also affects the level of moiré on the print.

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