Natural false eyelashes say goodbye to flies

Choosing a natural false eyelash is important because it directly affects your makeup. Want to have long, thick eyelashes, and worry about the edges of the eyelashes sticking to the "fly legs"? Don't worry, trim the false eyelashes more closely to the eye shape before sticking, and then gently stick them along the eyeliner. The charm is instantly born.

The main points of fashionable false eyelashes

The main points of fashionable false eyelashes:

1. Choose a type with thick roots and a thin and natural tip, so that it doesn't look too heavy, and it can actually improve the deep feeling of the eyes.

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2. The ideal connecting shaft is preferably black or transparent, and the finer the better. The thinner the connecting shaft, the easier it is to integrate with the natural lash roots, and it is not easy to see the gap even if it is misaligned.

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The intimately designed segmented false eyelashes are glued in three parts, even for novices.

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3. False eyelashes must be shorter than 2mm at the end of the eye. Because the eyelashes are longer than the end of the eye, it looks very old-fashioned. It is completely a feeling of a female singer, so be sure to trim the end of the false eyelashes slightly.

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Not only is the eyelashes soft, but the eyelashes are also slimmer, which does not increase the burden on the eyes when worn, and easily increases the density of the eyelashes.

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