Romantic Yi Shili July blooms to witness the custom home romantic genre

Elegant, quiet, sweet, cozy...

This is a wonderful piece of home and romance.

This is a melodious dance of life and culture.

This is the Yi Shili wardrobe, which allows the home to bloom in an infinite romantic atmosphere, opening up the exquisite life of quality and service.

Elegant past life, romantic life

Every home should have her own style and charm. Choosing a home is to choose a kind of life. Yi Shili Wardrobe, from the moment it was born more than ten years ago, has brought the wardrobe products from French design style to every Chinese family, and established strategic partnership with international fashion home design agencies to bring international cutting-edge fashion. Home art is integrated into product design, leading the industry trend of China's custom closet, becoming one of the most patented companies in the industry. It can be said that from the beginning of the establishment, romance has become an indelible imprint of Issley.

As the leading brand of domestic custom home, the positioning of the enterprise “advocate and transmitter of romantic home culture” is gradually clear in the tide of market growth and enterprise development. In 2011, Yi Shili kept pace with the times, launched a brand upgrade campaign, and released new logos, new brand propositions and a new range of products:

The new brand value of “Romantic Space, Exquisite Life” proposed by Yi Shili perfectly conveys the core value and market positioning of Yi Shili's wardrobe. “Romantic” clearly shows the positioning of the Yi Shili brand, which is unique in the custom home industry; while “exquisite” refers to the perfect pursuit and leading edge of the product quality and service quality of the Yi Shili wardrobe, the industry's first “Pearl Plate” "Sparkling debut, leading hardware accessories have obtained a number of national patents, strict standards of production and quality control... all provide a solid basis for the new brand concept of "romantic space, exquisite life".

The rose, the eternal totem of the Yi Shili wardrobe, uses the silent posture and elegant power to build the most romantic soul home. Rose inspiration also runs through the wardrobe as the core of the wardrobe, cloakroom, sliding door, bookcase, wine cabinet, TV cabinet and other complete custom home products, will be in the international frontier fashion romantic home culture not only into the brand building, but also embodied In the product design, create a "romantic genre" in the Chinese custom wardrobe industry.

Yi Shili also has unparalleled unique advantages in product innovation. It uses roses as a creative source of Yi Shili wardrobes, diverging cross-border thinking, using a variety of materials flexibly, using fashion techniques to interpret naturalism, with simple patterns and Gorgeous accessories present a rose-like living space. When the rich and beautiful roses and rhinestones, crystals and solid wood meet, the beautiful products such as rose carvings, rose-encrusted diamonds and rose crystals bloom with infinite brilliance, stimulate romantic life, and make the home life in the ubiquitous rose. In the breath, the romantic feelings and unique charm brought by Ishley are born.

It can be said that the upgrade of the brand of Yi Shili marks that Yi Shili has entered a new stage of development, and it is another huge step forward for the Yi Shili wardrobe to the grand brand goal.

Industry exhibition, romantic bloom

In March 2012, the 2nd China Wardrobe Exhibition opened in Guangzhou. As an annual custom wardrobe industry event, the eyes of China's development of building materials and custom home industry are gathered here, and it has also become a showcase for various companies. The best stage for image and strength.

At this exhibition, Yi Shili was invited to participate in the exhibition with a brand-new image and a brand-new brand concept. The beautiful exhibition hall design, the modern brand image and the leading industry product design exude a unique brand charm. The national industry colleagues and franchisees have experienced the unique romantic temperament and product features of the Yi Shili wardrobe, and have achieved good investment effects. The goal of the exhibition has been successfully completed, and the new brand image has been well received for the first time.

From July 8th to 11th, 2012, the 14th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. The leading brand of China's custom wardrobe industry, Ishili Wardrobe, will continue to work hard again. Wonderful debut, romantic style. At this fair, Yi Shili's romantic upgrade, with more shocking booth design and more colorful interactive behavior, perfectly interprets the romantic temperament of Yi Shili, and fully displays the Yi Shili to exhibitors from all over the world. Unique brand image and leading edge.

Unlimited romance, breakthrough infinity

With the pursuit of beauty and love for life, for more than ten years, Yi Shili has been obsessed with looking for an eternal spirit for Chinese home life, bringing a romantic, comfortable and fashionable lifestyle to every family, making romance pure and pure. Eternal flow in every corner of life, let life last forever, let romance endless.

It is this unremitting pursuit that urges Yi Shili to carry forward the culture, pay attention to quality, and focus on this beautiful rose garden. In more than 200 large and medium-sized cities across the country, there are nearly 300 brand stores, which are always passing. The eternal incitement that romance brings to life. At the same time, Yi Shili has not only become a brand that is widely respected by consumers, but also a wardrobe partner of many real estate brands such as Hong Kong Agile and Xiangjiang Group. It is one of the most professional and professional engineering service brands in the industry with the most professional cooperation.

As the custom furniture industry enters the stage of rapid development, Yishili, as one of the most mature professional brands in the industry, is integrating the best domestic and foreign with a new strategic planning, management model, brand image, R&D design system and marketing service system. Partner resources, build a leading brand in China's custom wardrobe industry on a higher strategic platform!

Be the founder of Chinese romantic home, create a romantic space and open up a refined life. Yi Shili wardrobe, Chinese romantic home advocate, custom home, more custom-made your romantic life.

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