N-acetyl-DL-methylthioamino acid / acetyl-DL-methylthioaminobutyric acid / N-Acetyl-DL-Methionine

English name: N-Acetyl-L-Valine
CAS number: 96-81-1
C7H13NO3 = 159.18

Level: BR
Content: ≥98.0%
Properties: White to off-white powder Usage: Biochemical research.
Save: RT

Water is important for all living things, our small pet friends are no exception. To make things easier for the pet owners and these small animals. We have designed many different shapes, sizes of small animal water bottles for different types of small animals. These small animal drinking bottles are easy to install and maintain and are well-made to last.

Easy Click On Small Animal Water Bottle for Carrier and Wired Cages


Easy Click On Small Animal Water Nozzle for Carrier and Wired Cages

Small Animal Drinking Bottles


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Small Animal Water Bottles

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