L-(+)-α-phenylglycine / L-2-phenylglycine / L-Phenylglycine

English name: L-Phenylglycine; L-(+)-α-Aminophenylacetic acid; H-Phg-OH; (S)-(+)-2-Phenylglycine; S (+)-α-Aminophenylacetic acid; L-2- Phenylglycine
Other names: dextrophenylglycine; L-aminophenylacetic acid; L-(+)-α-phenylglycine
CAS number: 2935-35-5
C8H9NO2 = 151.16

Level: BR
Content: ≥99.0%
Specific rotation: 157 ° (c = 2, 2N HCl)
Absorption: ≤0.03

Iron ion: ≤0.002%

Moisture: ≤0.20%
Properties: white or almost white crystalline powder. Melting point: ~ 300 ℃
Uses: biochemical research. It is used industrially to manufacture drugs such as ampicillin and cephalexin.
Save: RT

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