On the Printing Skills of Spring Festival Couplets

1. Main materials. Red paper, XS-1 diazo photosensitive adhesive, XS-1 diazo adhesive film liquid, 240 mesh nylon screen, grease adhesive blending paint, anodized aluminum hot stamping foil.

2. Frame making. According to the size of the Spring Festival couplet, decide the size of the frame. The inner diameter of the frame should be 5 cm larger than the size of the cut paper. A wooden strip of 3 × 5 cm can be used. The plane of the plate frame should be scraped by the inner diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm. Thread grooves with a depth of 0.5 cm shall be made according to the width and depth of the grooves. Then cut the nylon screen, use a small iron nail to press this strip on the nylon screen and nail it into the wire groove, then wash the nailed screen with clean water and dry it.

3. Scrape photosensitive adhesive. Use a red light to illuminate in the dark room, pour the appropriate amount of XS-1 diazo photosensitive glue on the lower side of the screen plane, and scrape it upward with a plexiglass triangle ruler, so that the film is evenly distributed on the screen surface, which is both thin and flat. quasi.

4. Draw the manuscript. The black-and-white manuscript is the most critical process of the plate making process. If you do n’t have the basis of calligraphy, you can find some fine spring couplets and patterns. You can also use the computer to type the glyphs, and then put it on the desktop. The ink should be drawn in full, and it must be inspected against the light. If there is any missing point, it should be repaired in time.

5. Exposure. Take a sponge equal to the outer diameter of the card frame and more than 2 cm thick on the plane, first put it into the concave surface of the screen, and then put the plywood on the sponge, then turn it over, and then put the assembled black and white manuscript ink side down, balance Place it on the plane of the net card, and clamp it with a clip between the top and bottom of the four sides to prevent it from running out horizontally. You can get outdoor exposure for 1-3 minutes. Immediately take the screen back to the dark room, remove the black-and-white manuscript, sponge, and plywood. Rinse the front and back sides of the screen with 60 ° C warm water for 3 minutes.

6. Printing. Position the concave side of the prepared screen on the worktable with a hinge, take about 30 sheets of red paper cut under the screen, and align it with the base pattern of the screen to find the four sides. Size, after fully mixing the grease and lacquer, evenly pour the appropriate amount into the concave end of the screen, you can use the rubber scraper to repeat the scraping evenly from side to side, each scraping to the side, the printing is completed once, the printed product is taken out, in turn analogy. After printing, the screen can be scrubbed with gasoline for the next use.

7. Sticky gold. Lay a high-quality rubber sheet on the worktable with flat surface and pressure resistance. Cut the anodized aluminum hot stamping foil according to the size of the printed spring couplet. After the printed spring festival couplets are left to dry for about 20 minutes, the anodized aluminum hot stamping foil can be steadily pasted on the printed spring couplets on the base pattern part, and then it can be firmly pressed with a towel, and it can be 24 to 26 hours. The anodized aluminum foil stamping foil can be removed and sold. If you want to change the new word pattern, you can use the brush to dip the XS-1 diazo stripping solution on the front and back sides of the screen. After 5 minutes, the old film will fall off by itself, then rinse it with water to scrape the photosensitive adhesive again. Expose, get a new screen version, and then make a new plate.

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