Strengthen the safety awareness of high and low temperature test chambers (Part 1)

Proper use and operation of high and low temperature test chambers can not only provide accurate basis for inspectors, but also enable long-term normal operation of environmental test equipment and extend the service life of its equipment. The information in this article comes from: Shanghai Linpin-Technical Department

1. To ensure the safety of the equipment and the test, please install an external protective ground and supply power according to the requirements of the equipment nameplate;

2. The equipment is strictly prohibited for the test of flammable, explosive, toxic and highly corrosive items;

3. The equipment should have reliable grounding;

Strengthen the safety awareness of high and low temperature test chambers (Part 1)

4. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and maintain;

5. If a heating sample is placed in the box, please use an external power supply for the sample, and do not directly use the power supply of the device itself;

6. Unless necessary, do not open the door or enter the box during the test, otherwise it may cause personal injury and equipment malfunction;

7. The door lock of the equipment box can only be opened from the outside, and someone in the box must be monitored;

8. The equipment is equipped with multiple protection measures, please check regularly;

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