The future of screw caps is beautiful

Ordinary spiral bottle caps have occupied an absolute position in the field of mineral water, beverages and other packaging. Screw caps are simple to make, very easy to open, and low in cost. They are products that have been proven in the long-term market to meet market demand. However, the development of screw caps in some packaging areas is not satisfactory.

The most obvious is that in wine and wine packaging, wine is still the main bottle stopper, and liquor packaging is mainly aluminum cap. In fact, these two kinds of packaging are not very convenient in terms of opening. In terms of convenience of use, screw caps entering the liquor and wine market are worth looking forward to. However, screw caps want to make a difference in this market. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of screw caps. How to carry out anti-counterfeit design on screw caps is too simple to be innovative. On the other hand, spiral caps are also worth looking forward to and breakthroughs in ensuring product hygiene and product quality.

I believe spiral caps will have very good prospects. The reason is simple because it brings convenience to consumers.

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