Unification of international home Chen Tao: chasing dreams without stopping

In 2010, Chen Tao airborne to the unification of international home, became the chairman of the board Zhang Hailin's effective. As the executive president of Yitong International Home Group, Chen Tao has become one of the most successful professional managers in the home industry with hard work and performance.

In the past three years, Unification International Home successfully completed business model innovation, service system improvement and company operation mode reform, drastically expanded product chain and built overall home solutions, and the company entered a period of rapid and steady development. In this process, the professional manager team with Chen Tao as the core has contributed!

Chen Tao has served as a senior executive in central enterprises and foreign companies. He has extensive experience in team management and company operations. Chen Tao, who has a double bachelor's degree in economics and journalism, defines himself as a “big mate”. "The enterprise is a huge wheel, the boss is the helmsman, and the direction is taken. The professional manager and the boss are like falling in love, mutual trust, clear roles and division of labor, and finally reach a harmonious relationship."

Chen Tao said that he is a "dreamer." To be a successful professional manager, to use the passion, use a calm eye, use a scientific management model, and use innovative thinking to promote the development of the enterprise in the golden age of the profession, so as to live up to the trust of the boss and the trust of the team. Do not live up to your own life.

Present guest: Chen Tao, CEO of Unification International Home Group

The picture shows Chen Tao, CEO of Yitong International Home Group.

The picture shows Chen Tao, CEO of Yitong International Home Group.

Professional managers and bosses are like "falling in love"


For the relationship between professional managers and bosses, Ma Yun has an image metaphor: "The hunter shot the wild boar, the wild boar did not die, the bullets were gone, and the professional manager was thrown away by throwing a gun and turning around. The boss is the boss, the boss has no retreat."

In Chen Tao's view, the relationship between professional managers and bosses is based on trust first, and finally to achieve a harmonious relationship, a bit like a relationship of love. Difficulties come, professional managers have to fight with the crisis even without a short knife, the boss and professional managers are the community of interests at the critical moment of the company's life and death.

Reporter: When did you join the unified home?

Chen Tao: 2010.

Reporter: In the past three years, you have taken on more and more responsibilities, especially from the vice president to the president. What is your role change?

Chen Tao: When I first came to the unity, I mainly focused on sales across the country, and I put a lot of energy into the specific work of sales. Enterprise sales is the leader, the dragon head dances, and the dragon body follows it. There is nothing wrong with it. But if the company pays all the attention to the sales front, there will be a lot of disconnection in the back end, especially the large consumer goods like furniture. Well, it is not necessarily that the company is good, the brand and the reputation are good. Good sales, the face is the company to make money, but if the subsequent production, quality control, customer service and integrated installation can not keep up, the actual potential danger is particularly large, so now I have more to balance the back-end system Build.

Reporter: It turns out that it only focuses on the front end. Now it is necessary to focus on the front end and the back end. Do you think the change of this role is challenging?

Chen Tao: Yes, the first is tired, and the other is to move some solid thinking mode. Sales is the leader, but the leading theory is also problematic, because the enterprise is equivalent to a piece of puzzle, and which one is missing. This painting is flawed. When the character is transformed, there is still a tangled or struggling. I used to try my best to highlight sales, but when it’s appropriate, I’m going to put the sales on a secondary position. The change in this role is going to be a brainstorming.

Reporter: In the process of unification development, Mr. Chen has become a representative professional manager in the home industry. What kind of relationship do you think between professional managers and bosses? How do professional managers and bosses divide their work?

Chen Tao: The relationship between professional managers and bosses is based on trust first, and finally to achieve a harmonious relationship, a bit like a relationship of love. To be good at the company, we must achieve a harmonious relationship, and the division of labor and positioning must be clear.

I remember that Ma Yun had made a joke. When the boss was not easy, the hunter shot the wild boar in the woods. The gun did not kill the wild boar, no bullets, and the professional manager was thrown away by throwing a gun and turning around. The short knife and the wild boar are the boss, why? The boss has no retreat. This tells the boss's hardship and helplessness, but I think the professional manager is another role. The boss has a knife in his hand. The real melee is the professional manager. He may have to rush to fight with his bare hands. This time he can't run. . Why? When the crisis of life and death comes, the interests of the boss and the professional manager are a community, and no one runs first.

For example, the position and method of work of the chairman and the chairman must be: one left and one right, one urgent and one slow. When he is having a fever, I will pour cold water to cool down. When I have a fever, he will pour cold water to cool down. Many times I will see that the way I do things with my boss is contradictory, but I feel that only if there is this contradiction can the company develop well.

Reporter: What is the way to deal with the problem when you disagree with Chairman Zhang Hailin? Is there any pressure?

Chen Tao: There is pressure. As a professional manager, when I have a disagreement with my boss, I usually use my way to convince the boss or convince myself, but not every time I persuade will be effective, we may learn to compromise at this time, or Temporarily retain opinions, let this matter go forward for a while, and then see some actual results, then communicate.

Reporter: When the boss and the general manager disagree, I think the more flexible one is the general manager.

Chen Tao: In fact, the boss is also very difficult to do. The boss and professional manager must be respectful and compromised, but compromise and respect must be based on high trust. The unification is a private enterprise, and the enterprise is the boss. For many private enterprises, the boss feels that the boss is a "dictator" and makes a statement. But Mr. Zhang Hailin, the chairman of the board, is different. He can stand on his own and choose compromise, tolerance and respect. Before I came to the system, I was doing IT. Every practitioner in the industry would have some of my own ways of thinking and ways of doing things, or there would be some "smelly faults". In an unfamiliar industry team, I need to integrate In this regard, I would like to thank Chairman Zhang Hailin.

Reporter: Please make an evaluation of your BOSS, Chairman Zhang Hailin.

Chen Tao: This boss is one of the most dedicated bosses I have ever seen. Zong Qinghou’s dedication is notorious. I think Zhang Hailin’s chairman is no less than Zong Qinghou. As far as I know, many bosses in the same industry will, to a certain extent, choose to rest, relax, or engage in some of their own hobbies, but my boss’s only hobby is work, so the pressure on us is also great. He poured all his energy into this business.

Reporter: Compared with mature industries, the corporate governance structure of the home industry is still relatively backward. In recent years, many home industry owners have realized that the company’s management model and governance structure change can be the driving force for growth, but there are still difficulties in the implementation process. What do you think about it?

Chen Tao: In fact, the home industry is still in its infancy, just like many traditional industries. Just like the appliance manufacturing industry ten years ago, the brand dispersion is very high, and the company lacks a set of standardized, scientific management processes or management systems. In addition, from the composition of the home industry, the share structure is relatively simple, and many companies are bosses to open personal concerts.

However, one's energy is limited, especially in the face of many aspects of a company's development. If you let a person cover everything, you will definitely show a short board, so the boss needs some professional managers to form a team with him. The professional manager team, the boss is in it, he is the core, according to his thinking, according to the direction of enterprise development to discuss. The enterprise is a big ship. There must be a helmsman, and there must be a mate and a sailor. Everyone can work together to make the ship sail.

Due to the low barriers to entry and the low quality of the industry, the development of the company lacks sedimentation. Therefore, there is a process for the home industry to transform into a modern enterprise with standardized management. But the future is this direction, and everyone is working hard in this direction.

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