Milk carton turned into a casual bench

Have you ever heard of it? Use a milk carton to make a casual bench for visitors. This is by no means a “sell-off” type of fudge but it is a true fact that the waste milk beverage paper packaging is a 100% renewable resource that can be processed into a durable, waterproof, moisture-proof plate after special technical processing. . The Leisure Bench mentioned here is made of the eco-friendly sheet as the main material: an eco-friendly leisure bench with a length of 1.2 meters and a width of 0.4 meters needs about 856 milk beverage paper packaging with a capacity of 250 milliliters.

With the aim of “Importance of the Green Expo” chair, I started activities in Shanghai last year to vigorously recycle waste milk beverage paper packaging. The general public responded positively and participated in various ways. They started from their own side and did their best to put the discarded milk cartons directly into the recyclable bins, or flattened and accumulated the milk cartons after drinking, and sent them to the community. Specified recycling point...

Ren Qiqi, a well-known singer from Taiwan, was pleased to join this event. He not only experienced the eco-friendly leisure bench made of 856 milk beverage paper boxes, but also demonstrated to the public that “empty emptying, angling, "Squashed packaging, delivery and recycling," a four-step recycling of milk cartons, and a solemn pledge to formally serve as an "environmental ambassador," will personally go to the recycling of milk beverage paper packaging, and together with the people of Shanghai to interpret "Better City, Better Life." The theme of this Expo.

"Easy and easy, easy, milk cartons, really powerful. To protect the earth, now, you have me, everyone together." Ren Xianqi singing environmental activities hit the song "Environmental Together" is very contagious, to attract more Many people have joined the ranks of environmental protection environmental protection... Now, the “Green Expo” chair “I am proud” activities have covered more than 500 communities, and the recycling of discarded milk cartons has become a general public in Shanghai. The conscious behavior — the total recycling volume so far has exceeded 86 tons, is equivalent to 8.6 million milk beverage paper packages with a capacity of 250 milliliters.

When the entire event came to an end, many "personal recycling monthly champions" that were named will not only be awarded the title of "Green Environmental Spokesperson," but will also be named at the World Expo environmental chair. In the Shanghai World Expo, you can see that more than 1,000 stylish, concise and practical eco-friendly seats made entirely from recycled milk beverage paper are placed on the leisure plaza, welcoming people from all parts of the world and people from all over the world. It is known that the Chinese are starting from scratch and are very hard to protect the earth.

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