Crab jam filling machine | Mushroom lobster sauce filling machine

Crab jam filling machine | Mushroom lobster sauce filling machine

Sauce Health Tips:

Shiitake sauce is a kind of sauce for daily diet. The nutrition brought by adding mushrooms to sauces is very large, such as improving the body's immune function; delaying the change of old age; anti-cancer cancer; reducing blood pressure, blood fat, cholesterol; It also has therapeutic effects on diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious pneumonia, and neuritis. Oil can be used for indigestion and constipation.

Product Name :Agitated jam filling machine

Product introduction :
Stirring-type jam filling machine is a kind of thick sauce filling machine, ---dt34wl is a device for precise filling of jam and other sauce products, using photoelectric automatic control system, unique piston filling form, both Can be filled continuously or filled freely. The device adopts a horizontal stirring structure, which ensures the thorough mixing of sauce and oil and greatly improves the filling performance and measurement accuracy.

Scope of application : The filling machine http:// is particularly suitable for condiments containing jams with a high concentration and can be filled with other sauce products of the same concentration, such as bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, butter Hot pot bottom material, red oil pot bottom material and other materials of thick paste filling.
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Equipment features :
1, suitable for large particles, chili sauce and hot pot base materials and other sauces;
2, filling speed, the fastest 1000ml / sec;
3, so that the sauce and oil can be fully mixed and filled;
4, no gas source, save energy;
5, simple structure, easy maintenance;
6, all stainless steel production, health and safety.

Technical parameters :

Speed ​​of work

30-40 times/min

Quantitative error



380V 2.1Kw



Machine weight

250 kg

Capacity measurement

100-1000ml, 500-1500ml, 200-500ml, 300-1000ml

Sauce packaging effect :
Filling effect of olive sauce filling machineRaspberry sauce filling machine filling effectMustard filling machine filling caseThe bean paste filling machine filling effect

Operation use:

1. Checked out of the box, the whole machine is in good condition, the electrical components are neat, the lines are firmly connected, and there is no debris in the hopper.
2, power check, turn on the power switch, after the power is turned on, the three-phase four-wire 380V (must be connected to the zero line) first check whether the correct direction of the reducer, steering to the mixer drive chain marked direction prevail. If not, please interchange the connectors on the power cord.
3, press the start of the stirrer switch, check the direction of the drive in accordance with the arrow, can only be activated after the start switch photoelectric sensor, the program can only be normal after the material into the hopper, and start the mixer.
4, because the machine is a volumetric metering method, just started with a filling process, because the container with a larger capacity should be placed on the workbench in order to start the filling, how much by the amount of irrigation, users adjust their own The amount of filling required.
5. This machine is equipped with a special tool, a wrench (30mm) and a socket wrench (14mm). Use a wrench to loosen the nut of the meter regulator, and then use a socket wrench to turn the M10 screw clockwise. The direction is increment, and the anticlockwise direction is decrement. Generally, the increment is about 20 ml in three circles.
6, the machine working speed is about 30-40 bottles per minute, the operator must be familiar with and master the filling rules, rhythm of the bottle (bag) and take the bottle (bag).
7. If there is little discharge during work, or if abnormal phenomena such as air bubbles are not discharged during the work, the machine should be powered off immediately, and the work can only be continued after the cause of the fault is fixed. If you do not discharge, continuous forced work is prohibited, otherwise it is easy to burn the motor or cause its parts to burn out.

Note : Do not run the machine without material. You can test the machine and clean the machine with water or detergent.

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Tips :
1, the machine must be reliably grounded and external leakage protection switch.
2. It is forbidden to operate the empty machine and add particulate matter.
3. If the filling is a hot medium, one-time dispensing must be done so that the medium cannot be cooled, otherwise it will block the pipeline.
4. After the filling switch is turned on, please do not place the hand or other objects near the round hole of the photoelectric switch. Otherwise, the photoelectric switch will automatically open to prevent the liquid from flowing out.
5. Always pay attention to and check if there is a drip below the body. Find out the reason. If the pipe is loose, tighten it. If the shaft seal is damaged, replace it.

The growing number of sauce products has promoted the upgrading and development of the relevant sauce filling equipment, making the use of equipment more specific :

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Maintenance principle :
1. Before the machine is repaired, the main power supply must be turned off; the repair stone should be repaired by a professional or notified by the company.
2. The warranty period of this machine is one year, that is, the machine malfunctions due to quality problems within one year, free maintenance, due to improper operation or other days and force majeure caused failure, to charge part of the maintenance fee, replacement parts will be charged according to its price (Residence: If you need home repairs, you need to reimburse travel expenses, working hours, etc.).
3. During the warranty period, if the maintenance work is continued, the fee will be charged as appropriate.
4. Providing out-sale accessories service when users self-management.

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