The correct installation steps of Qiao Feng's new FMB40 snowflake ice machine

Shanghai Qiaofeng brand FMB series snowflake ice machine is designed by experts. The company has the most practical technology and professional operation team to create services based on user experience for customers. The service is perfect Beauty is our endless pursuit. Make the whole operation process easy, the perfect humanized design presents the beauty of technology.

So when using our products, what are the specific installation steps? Below we talk about these aspects:

At the time of receipt, products such as snowflake ice machines cannot be tilted at all times, and can only be placed upright. Therefore, let the ice machine stand upright and remove the packaging wooden box. If possible, install a water purification filter at the water inlet of the snowflake ice machine. The cleaner the water, the longer the ice machine will last.

Then, connect the ice machine to the water inlet and outlet pipes (in the piping machine), plug in the power supply, turn on the switch, and it's OK. If you do n’t have time, please leave the snowflake ice machine for 24 hours or 48 hours and then turn on the power to use it.

Qiao Feng snowflake ice machine main features:

● Adopt the world famous brand-Italy Zanussi compressor, the refrigeration effect is good.

● Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel ice skates, safe and reliable.

● Microcomputer automatic control system, safe and stable.

● Double spiral extrusion ice making method, the ice shape is made of indefinite granular ice, which can penetrate into a narrow space, cool quickly, and have a good ice bath effect

● There are protective shutdown functions such as ice full display, water shortage display, refrigerant lack display, fault warning display and so on.

● The power switch and function indicator are placed on the front of the machine for easy operation.

● The main parts, such as the disassembly of the water distribution pipe and sink, do not need any tools, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

● Innovative sliding door design, easy to maintain, save time and effort.

● Stainless steel outer shell is decorated with silver gray ABS engineering plastic, elegant and durable.

Always implement the policy of "quality is the vitality of the enterprise", introduce advanced foreign technology, and create a first-class brand. Because people-oriented, it is trustworthy; because of professional full-time, it is worth choosing, looking forward to your call to discuss!

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