Da Vinci furniture exposure: building the Armani building in Chengdu

Da Vinci's home broke out in an interview with the media a few days ago. Huang Zhixin, director of the company, mentioned that “The Armani Hotel in the construction of the Armani project in Chengdu has its own design and own home. Although the charge is 30%-40% more expensive than some super 5-star hotels, it still has charm to attract people to stay. In Chengdu We plan to name the entire building the Armani Building."

The reporter contacted the relevant staff of the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Finch Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., which confirmed the existence of the “Armani Project” from the side, but the specific content of the project was not disclosed.

Da Vinci pushes the "Armani project"

Da Vinci Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. successfully won operations in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places after “winning” Versace's exclusive agency rights in China in 2004. Also popular with Versace is BOTTEGAVENETA, ROBERTOCAVALLI, Fendi, and Armani. “The company has already obtained exclusive rights to Armani.” Da Vinci’s Chengdu Marketing Department staff told reporters that this was the launch of the “Armani Project”. Be fully prepared.

Recently, Huang Zhixin, the company's director, mentioned the “Armani project” in an interview with the media, or the company's Armani brand has another move in the domestic market. The staff of the marketing department of the company headquarters mentioned that “for the Armani project, the director of Huang Zhixin is responsible for the promotion.” Huang Zhixin said in an interview with the media: “In Chengdu, we plan to name the entire building the Armani building.” Huang Zhixin said that in terms of details, the public space of the entire building must be designed by the brand itself, including the lobby, corridors, clubs, etc. Armani's homes will also be displayed in public areas.

It is reported that Da Vinci is currently working with Beijing Fortune Mansion to construct a high-end model house. The project of Beijing Fortune Mansion mainly uses VERSACEHOME and FENDICASA home. From the perspective of real estate developers and furniture manufacturers, the combination of luxury and luxury, the combination of luxury and luxury furniture provides investors with an intuitive home experience, which is beneficial to two-phase sales. To a certain extent, this project also paved the way for the launch of the Armani Project.

Project launch attracts attention

“The Armani Hotel has its own design and its own home, even if the charge is 30%-40% more expensive than some super 5 star hotels, but it still makes people happy to stay.” Huang Zhixin said in an interview with the media. In fact, when the first Armani hotel was built in the Burj Khalifa, it added a bright color to the brand value of the Burj Khalifa and even Dubai.

Now Huang Zhixin mentioned that the “Armani Project” may land in Chengdu, which may also add vitality to the luxury market in Chengdu. According to research data released by Forbes, China's luxury consumption will reach 180 billion by 2015, accounting for 20% of the global luxury market. As the most fashionable fashion capital in Southwest China, Chengdu has 80% of the international first-line brands. Its consumption index has been among the best in the western cities of Forbes China's best commercial city rankings in recent years. In the future, Chengdu's luxury consumption will reach 10 billion.

However, after many reporters' inquiries, so far, Da Vinci's home Chengdu marketing department staff said: "There has not received this related project plan." "Financial Investment News" reporter will also follow up "Armani project "The situation of advancement."

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