Small knowledge to be aware of when using a cordless telephone

With the development of technology, there are more and more people using cordless phones, but you should pay attention to some small knowledge when using cordless phones. Xiaobian is here today to tell you about the use of cordless phones.

1 You must first install the cordless telephone according to the instructions of the manual, and then put the mobile phone on the charging stand to charge. At this time, be sure to charge the mobile phone for a long enough time before using the code. This should also be the case when switching to a new battery.
2. Note: The landline of the cordless phone should be installed away from the TV and the microcomputer. The AC power of cordless phones cannot share a power outlet with products with motors such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and microwave ovens.

3. When using a cordless mobile phone to talk, you should pay attention when encountering noise:

(1) When the cordless mobile phone has a loud call, you can press the "channel" button of the mobile phone to skip the current call channel, and the system automatically selects an idle channel for communication.
(2) Extend the antenna of the mobile phone and the base unit.
(3) The position of the landline determines the distance of the phone. The base unit should be placed away from sources of interference (computers, fax machines, televisions, etc.). The proximity of mobile phones and landlines affects the quality of calls. To improve call quality, the base unit should avoid interference sources and strong shielding locations.
4. During the conversation between the mobile phone and the landline, if the mobile phone is too far away from the landline or interferes too much and interrupts communication, it is necessary to approach the seat machine. If the deskphone has been automatically turned off, you need to put the phone out of the battery to reset, and then re-pair the code, you can use it. In the case of large interference, some models can change the channel by pressing the "channel" button, continue the communication signal, and continue communication.
5. The mobile phone does not charge and always displays the "low power" state. One of the reasons is that after the battery is powered down to a certain value, the battery is discharged excessively, so that the circuit cannot be charged. After the battery is used for two years, after the power is sufficient, the use time is not long, and there is no electricity, indicating that the battery has deteriorated and the battery needs to be replaced.
6. If you want to go far or do not need to use a cordless phone for a long time, you need to unplug the power of the base unit and remove the battery from the phone. Otherwise, the mobile phone will not be used for a long time, and the battery will be over-discharged, so that the battery is not charged.

The little knowledge used by these cordless phones is very important, so be sure to read them clearly. This way you won't be mistaken when using a cordless phone. So, does the knowledge compiled by Xiaobian help you?