Luxury era wardrobe to see how civilian girls "dancing the Dragon Gate"

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] "Little Age 3" released four days of box office over 300 million, such a high box office in the industry to set up a thousand waves, Gu Li luxury cloakroom in the movie is arousing the envy of millions of girls, the ordinary family is Can't have such a luxurious cloakroom, but you don't have to worry about it. The Chinese wardrobe net recommends four wardrobes for you, so that different types of women can have a gorgeous "over the trick."

Mature classic style woman

This type of woman must be mature, simple, and atmospheric. They don't have to behave differently, and they have a deep-rooted personality. Like Audrey Hepburn with short hair, it is not ostentatious, but always classic.

Top wardrobe

Olin Homes Buckingham Palace

Luxury index : ★★★★

The main material of the Buckingham Palace Jane European cloakroom is made of warm white micro-methylene triamine plate. It uses the warm white PVC film to absorb the gold-plating process. The laminate adds synchronous plastic sleeves. The Roman column adopts the composite drop process to make the cabinet more layered. , showing a more powerful European neo-classical architectural style. This set of simple European-style gold half-wall panels and ceiling decorative frame lines and wall lamps, making the entire home atmosphere look patchy and magnificent.

Eco-friendly natural girl next door

It is suitable for women like this: like the oncoming breeze, blending with nature. A woman who likes this kind of design must have a fresh and intelligent temperament, with a fresh apple fragrance, cheerful and straightforward personality, and a smart eye, as if she can see that she is picking up a white dress and black dress from this closet. On the body, smile sweetly.

Luxury wardrobe

Top solid Jane style - wine red cherry cloakroom

Luxury index : ★★★★

The burgundy cherry solid wood wardrobe in the top-up furniture luxury series is the most popular burgundy cherry color of the current solid wood furniture. It not only reflects the quality and affinity of the solid wood, but also reflects the graceful and elegant royal style, with simple and smooth The lines shape the introverted posture of the atmosphere, and the gorgeous and elegant coexistence, the beautiful and beautiful, full of European charm, full of elegant and luxurious temperament.

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