Very convenient when transported in a wall-mounted refrigerator

In recent years, manufacturers have introduced a small desktop refrigerator used in the kitchen, which solves the problem of no need to place a refrigerator in a dining room and a small living room. The author believes that a kitchen wall-mounted refrigerator should be developed. The advantages of the refrigerator are as follows: 1. Since the wall-mounted refrigerator is of a horizontal type, the volume can be determined from the horizontal direction, so the production plant can completely produce different volumes and different cooling methods (direct cooling, intercooling). Various types of products to meet the needs of different users.

Second, the wall-mounted refrigerator has no effect on the operation, and it is very convenient to reach the hand to store the food.

Third, if the wall-mounted refrigerator can be promoted and applied, many users can save the space occupied by the refrigerator in the living room or other rooms in the future, and can be made of wood and other materials on the left or right side of the kitchen wall-mounted refrigerator. The cupboards are placed in the cupboard and the cooker, which is clean and hygienic, and adds a decorative effect to the kitchen.

Fourth, because the refrigerator is a horizontal type, it saves time and effort in handling, and is very convenient, and does not cause the risk of compressor damage caused by excessive tilting or shaking when the vertical refrigerator is being handled. If the cabinet is not lengthened, only the compressor is placed on the lower side of the freezer or refrigerator compartment, but the internal volume of the refrigerator is reduced, and steps are formed indoors, which affects the setting of the indoor partition.

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