Smart packaging comes: Guarantee food safety, reduce food waste

Today's food waste is very serious, which is detrimental to the environment and economic development. The age of smart packaging is gradually approaching and it is hoped that this intelligent packaging will reduce the risk of people eating spoiled foods and avoid unnecessary food waste. It is also hoped that this will have a direct and positive impact on the meat and seafood processing industry.

According to statistics, food waste is now very serious in the world. According to the survey data, Chinese consumers consume only 8 million tons of food protein and 3 million tons of fat each year for catering alone, and at least 200 million people have spent a year on rations. The leftover leftovers that are arbitrarily dumped are likely to be 200 million people's rations.

Food waste has been under strict inspection in recent months. Last year, supermarket giant Tesco stated that in the first half of 2013, a total of 30,000 metric tons of food was wasted. Wasted food comes mainly from fruits, vegetables and baked goods. They said that two-thirds of the supermarket food was kept in containers until it broke, including 68% of bagged salads, 50% of baked goods, and 25% of grapes.

British scientists have developed an embedded chip that can be inserted into a food packaging bag. It can evaluate the shelf life of the food. When the food in the bag is about to expire, the chip will send a message to the user to remind them to “hurry up the meal”. This new technology is more convenient than simply recording the shelf life. After all, when food is stored, people tend to forget when the food expires. The appearance of such a chip can also greatly reduce the food that is wasted due to expiration.

A large amount of food was thrown away by people, but most of them were caused by being put away for too long and becoming inedible. The European Commission also stated that the value of food thrown out by British restaurants, bars, hotels, etc., amounts to 2.5 billion pounds each year. The total amount of food wasted amounts to 920,000 metric tons per year, and a total of 1.3 billion meals can be made from these foods.

According to the analysis, if such chips for food packaging bags can really be promoted, it is certainly a good thing to save food, but at the time the EU may have to worry about the high cost of the chips itself.

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