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It is often said that a good woman is only a hundred. It seems that women, whether fat or thin, have struggled with losing weight. If you don’t have this perseverance, perhaps saying that someone needs to be supervised to get exercise, then you may wish to use the vivofit smart bracelet, which allows you to set the amount of daily exercise. If you can't do it, a red logo will be displayed reminding you too much. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, you must go out for a walk and move. Only when your exercise reaches the present, the red alarm will automatically disappear and you will be more motivated. So with vifitit supervising you, still afraid of meat can not be reduced?
Vivofit uses a bracelet-style wear design. Its stylish appearance and refined styling make it look like a beautiful decoration. The many color schemes it uses also provide users with more choices.
Vivofit is very lightweight and convenient, with only one finger width and soft texture, not only does not prevent users from doing other things, but also very comfortable to wear. In addition, Vivofit is equipped with a constantly-lit screen that allows direct viewing of sports and fitness goals, eliminating the cumbersome operation of most smartbands requiring Bluetooth sync data.
Vivofit has a water resistance depth of 50 meters and can be used not only in rainy weather but also when washing hands. In addition, Vivofit is compatible with the ANT+ heart rate belt and can display changes in the user's heart rate. After the user sleeps, it will turn on the sleep mode and even monitor the user's sleep quality, which is very advanced!
Vivofit can wirelessly sync to the Garmin Connect online community with one click, view your sports data, share your sports achievements with sports fans around the world, and let them see your achievements.
Vivofit can plan the stage goals of the next activity according to the goal that the wearer has already completed, and intuitively reacts through the numerical values ​​such as the number of steps, distance, and calories in real time. It is a very convenient fitness equipment.

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