Application of transparent laser film imprint transfer on single recess machine


The transparent laser film imprinting transfer process is simple, the production can be realized by a single-sheet gravure printing machine, and the cost is low, but it is necessary to pay attention to several key factors and give strict control to ensure the production of high quality by simple process. Transparent laser film imprint transfer printing.

Material quality control

Quality control of UV varnish: If the viscosity of UV varnish is small and the solid content is low, the effect of holographic image after imprint transfer is not obvious; if UV varnish has large viscosity and high solid content, its leveling property is poor, coating If it is uneven, the holographic image after imprinting will be blurred.

Process quality control

UV varnish viscosity and coating amount control: UV varnish is formulated to a suitable viscosity using an alcohol-based anhydrous diluent, and the coating amount of the UV varnish is finely controlled to achieve the best embossing transfer effect. It is better to prevent the viscosity of the UV varnish from being excessively large, and the coating amount of the UV varnish is generally controlled at 3.5 to 7 g/m2.

UV varnish coating operation and quality control: In general, the application of UV varnish is a printing device using a gravure press, namely a gravure cylinder and an impression cylinder. There are two types of glazing, one for the flex version and the other for the gravure. For cigarette pack products, the gravure transfer effect of the gravure is generally better. At the time of plate making, the concentricity and ellipticity of the gravure cylinder should be less than 0.1 mm and the surface finish should be 12 levels. The impression cylinder should have a strong pressure resistance. During the glazing process, the angle of the squeegee relative to the gravure cylinder is 45°, and a certain pressure must be maintained. After applying the UV varnish, the gripper row should immediately transfer the already glazed substrate to the UV curing unit.

UV varnish pressure curing, curing, rewinding and winding process quality control: the pressing roller must have the hardness of HS85 ~ HS90, and its flatness, roundness, concentricity should maintain a certain degree of precision; in the process of pressing, should Pay attention to the control bubble generation to avoid pinholes and other defects in the laser holographic pattern; after the imprint transfer is completed, the winding mechanism should tidy up the transparent laser film for recycling, which can be repeated 20 to 30 times.

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