2016 Wooden Door Brand Ranking

Wooden doors are a necessary building material for every home decoration. There are many wooden doors of various styles and shapes on the market. It is not easy to choose a wooden door that suits your home decoration style and is suitable for sex. Therefore, before buying wooden doors, I recommend netizens to first understand the 2014 wooden door brand rankings. All wooden door brands that can enter the wooden door brand rankings are basically brands with better products and services. Take a look at any wooden door brands you are interested in!

The dream of 2014 wooden door brand ranking

In today's market, sales can only be achieved with positioning, and in this respect, Mengtian has done a good job. It has always been committed to creating high-end atmospheric wooden doors. Therefore, in the wooden door industry and market, Mengtian will decorate high-end As a development slogan, Mengtian not only uses professional technical hands to create products, but also uses innovation and new ideas to modify products. It is due to Mengtian's unremitting efforts. Mengtian wooden doors have become the representative of high-end wooden doors, In the ranking of wooden door brands, Mengtian walked into people's eyes with its unique product positioning.

2014 doors of the brand ranking list of the goods is still true colors

You should not be so unfamiliar with Shangpin! In the ranking of wooden door brands, Shangpin's original wooden doors are very distinctive. The selection of Shangpin natural color wooden doors is very wide, and the materials are also quite grades, such as black walnut, water willow, rosewood, etc., and speaking of its selection, let's talk about its charm. The production process is also striving for excellence. Its products have clear textures, bright colors, and very natural. Therefore, Shangpin's natural wood doors are still very good, worthy of your trust!

2014 ranking list of the doors of the brand Maxim

Personalized life is what we pursue, and our life is full of personality. Maxim's personality is integrated into products in the wooden door brand rankings, such as its corporate culture. Maxim's focus on long-term benefits, so in the development, not arrogant and impatient, to serve the public with sincerity. The Meixin wooden door seeks breakthrough in simplicity and innovation in tediousness, and these can be said to have achieved Meixin today. Maxim's corporate culture covers all aspects. In the establishment of a brand image, responsibility is the premise, so in the ranking of wooden doors, Maxim will highlight the encirclement!

2014 doors of the brand rankings in the sharp one hundred million industry

Ruiyi Door Industry is a well-known trademark in China, and in the development, Ruiyi Door Industry not only has a good performance in the ranking of wooden doors, but also has a very good performance in the field of anti-theft doors. In the wooden door industry, Ruiyi Door Industry is an enterprise that integrates production and sales, and under the situation of increasing environmental awareness, Ruiyi Door Industry uses the most advanced environmentally friendly production equipment, and the product quality can be said to exist. A qualitative leap. In the ranking of its solid wood door brands, there are excellent brands such as TAAT door industry, Panpan and Shangbai wood doors!

The above are the four wooden door brands with good brand image and brand reliability. The products of wooden door brands that can be included in the 2014 wooden door brand ranking are worthy of everyone's consideration.

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Square Double Sided Light Box

Square Double Sided Light Box 



Aluminium/ Stainless steel/ Acrylic Panel



Lighting Colour

White/ Pink/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow etc.

Lighting Source

Led Strips/LED module


Waterproof/ Low Consumption / Bold Visual Effect etc.

Safe Voltage

Normally 12 DC, 110V~230V


Cutting, Sanding, Bending, Glue, Wiring, etc.


Both indoor/ outdoor Decoration and advertisement.

Average Life Time

>60,000 hours

Working temperature


Installtion Method

3M adhesive, Back screw bolts fixing or hanging, with 1:1 fixing template and accessories for Installation Reference


Covered with bubble wrap and foam inside,and packed with wooden case outside. Also can be packed as your requirements.


By express:(TNT/UPS/DHL etc.):4-5 Days


By Air:5-7 Days


By Ship:25-35 Days



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