Apple skin care products recommend taking good care of your skin

Apple is definitely a natural beauty product, which contains a lot of water and various moisturizing factors, which have a good moisturizing effect on our skin. Vitamin C can help to dilute the melanin in the skin, and the rich fruit acid component can make the pores smooth and play the role of acne. Use the skin care products that contain apple ingredients to have the same effect! Let's take a look at the 10 apple skin care products recommended by Xiaobian for you!

Ten apple skin care products recommended to care for the skin

Tocca Green Apple Body Scrub

As the temperature drops, the air becomes more and more dry, and the skin can easily accumulate more keratin. This body scrub can gently exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and polish uneven surfaces, sweet green apples and grape seeds, safflower and Ingredients such as olive oil nourish your skin and make it glow.

TheBalm Apple Lip Cheek

This is a versatile lip-cheek make-up tray, from light pastel to mature red, each color is as tempting as a freshly picked apple, and the choices are varied.

Frederic Fekkai Cider Shampoo

Very refreshing, suitable for oily hair, it can remove dirt, oil and styling products on the hair, add cider, rosemary, verbena and other ingredients, with fresh fragrance of apple core and pear, transparent gel texture, no silicon Formulated, low foaming type, clean and not slippery, but not dry, making hair naturally fluffy.

Bath & Body Works Fruit Body Lotion

As the name implies, this fruity body lotion will make you feel like you are in an orchard. It is full of fragrance, from natural plants and natural ingredients, without adding any artificial flavors, and adding vitamins and fruit fragrances. Immediately after bathing, use body lotion to retain moisture, replenish nutrients, and immediately moisturize and smooth skin.

Juice Beauty Fruit Green Apple Exfoliating Mask

Exfoliating + mask double effect is easy to apply in 10 minutes! No need to scrub, use the special ingredients in organic juice, intelligently help the skin to remove old dead skin cells, while nourishing and firming the skin through high-efficiency organic ingredients . Gentle, fast, don't worry about getting skin thinner and thinner.

Ten apple skin care products recommended to care for the skin

Sabon Lavender Apple Body Scrub

Look at this luxurious Sabon Lavender Apple Body Scrub, a 100% dead sea salt body exfoliating product, combined with almond oil, patchouli oil, lavender oil, soybean oil and other ingredients, deep cleansing while creating a silky smooth Slip skin.

Sara Happ Green Apple Lip Scrub

In addition to all the benefits of Sara Happ's most effective matte products, it has a taste of green apples and fresh packaging that you can enjoy, and you can experience the ubiquitous spring taste and heart-warming mood.

LUSH So White shower gel

So White is a limited-edition version of LUSH that provides the essence of apple extract from the face and body. It is also rich in more natural ingredients, but contains very little water.

The Body Shop apple bath salt

The Body Shop's apple bath salt extracts natural aloe ingredients to awaken tired, dull skin, and pour into the right amount of bath in warm water to make you feel good.

Head & Shoulder Green Apple Dandruff Conditioner

Are you in the trouble of dandruff? Headwaters Green Apple Dandruff Conditioner not only effectively strengthens the shampoo's effect, but also has a long-lasting fragrance. >>>Hydrating skin care products recommended to effectively fight dry climate

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