The coordinated development of sporting goods manufacturing in the region

The coordinated development of sporting goods manufacturing in the region Date:2014-10-30 09:11
Relatively developed regions of the Yangtze River Delta have obvious geographical spillover effects. For example, the development of the sportswear manufacturing industry in Shanghai has spillover effects on Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This is because the spillover effect of technology is more obvious in close distances and weakens with the increase of geographical distance. Provincial boundaries have some hindrance to the dissemination of knowledge. As the distance increases, rapid spillover technology spillover effects lead to local technical activities. Agglomeration, the outward diffusion effect is correspondingly weakened. Because of the difference in land prices and wage levels, cities or provinces with developed sports equipment manufacturing industries will have radiation effects on their adjacent areas. As mentioned above, the geographical spillover effects of sports equipment manufacturing industries in different regions in China are different. This is the result of differences in the policy orientation of local governments between different regions, as well as the differences in regional learning capabilities and regional investment conditions. Countermeasures and Suggestions The development of China's sporting goods manufacturing industry is a fact that has long been formed and cannot be changed in a short period of time. However, to promote the coordinated development of sporting goods manufacturing in the region, it is necessary to start from the following aspects: First, pass the policy for sports Supply industry development provides a good foundation, including investment in infrastructure and other aspects. Second, give full play to the advantages of sports products manufacturing in all regions. After the developed areas of sports products manufacturing have basically completed the accumulation of original capital, they should make full use of and integrate the advantages of existing technology equipment, private capital and human resources, and introduce and export the advantages. Combining and playing the role of regional cooperation led by advanced regions in backward areas has increased the spatial spillover effect.

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