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Striker is a resounding term in the water heater industry. Today we will walk into the Qianfeng gas water heater. The Qianfeng gas water heater includes a strong exhaust gas water heater and a flue gas water heater. The two types of gas water heaters are very different in design. Qianfeng gas water heaters have a stylish appearance and high-quality functions.

Qianfeng is one of the largest three types of water heater (fast, volume, dual-function) consumer manufacturers in China. Qianfeng is the only water heater brand in western China that has won the title of "China Famous Brand". Qianfeng Group's main areas of involvement include: electronic measuring instruments, communication test equipment, tax-controlled cash registers and tax-control installations, computer and software development, digital audio-visual equipment, home energy intelligent management systems; gas and electric water heaters, stoves, range hoods Machines, disinfection cabinets, cabinets and other representative kitchen and bathroom products, commercial fuel gas boilers, HVAC equipment and other products. Decades of time have come and gone, and generations of elite generations have inherited the name "Forward".

Qianfeng JSQ30-N1 gas water heater, Qianfeng "active" condensing constant temperature water heater, using the latest multi-function condensation heat exchange installation technology (patent applied for), effectively applying the "high temperature flue gas" latent heat generated by the gas water heater to extinguish this latent heat The cold water is preheated by the condensing heat exchanger, and the preheating water is stopped by the main heat exchanger to stop the secondary heating. This cycle makes the thermal efficiency increase by more than 20% compared with the ordinary gas water heater. The hot water output is faster, the extinguishing efficiency is higher, and the application is more energy-saving and more economical.

Striker JSQ20-1023 gas water heater ultra-thin fashionable body is simple and generous; 360-degree stepless conditioning interprets the legend of energy saving; a full range of multiple safe maintenance design, showing the strength of the international brand: anti-dry maintenance function , It can automatically shut down quickly and effectively maintain the water heater; the water flow is installed stably to avoid the phenomenon of sudden cold and hot due to the change of water pressure; super anti-freezing installation to maintain your water heater safely through the winter; special anti-rodent net for flue exit Burning function; low voltage maintenance function. Flameout maintenance, hypoxic maintenance.

Qianfeng JSQ20-A402 gas water heater is of elegant quality and adopts white sprayed plastic panel. It has sophisticated craftsmanship, outstanding quality, easy to match with the kitchen environment, compact, elegant and atmospheric. Button conditioning, touch button to adjust the temperature, quietly press, you can easily adjust the bath water temperature, using warm and worry-free. High efficiency and energy saving, the first segmented extinguishing technology, which can intelligently adjust the number of extinguishing fire extinguishers according to the set temperature, complete broadband water temperature adjustment, and achieve real energy saving.

Intelligent constant temperature, using NEC microcomputer processing chip, intelligent extremely constant temperature (constant temperature time <15s); and ensure that the difference between the positive and negative temperature of the outlet temperature and the set temperature does not exceed one degree. The working status is displayed, the color digital tube is displayed, and the water temperature and fault code are displayed in real time, and the working status is well-known. Temperature memory function, automatic memory bath temperature, easy to use worry-free. Ultra-low water pressure start, using water flow sensor instead of traditional water valve, complete ultra-low water pressure start, start water pressure 0.01MPa, no need to install booster pump to deal with the worries of high-level users. Multiple safety maintenance, leakage maintenance, dry-burning maintenance, over-pressure maintenance, anti-wind maintenance, water leakage and freezing maintenance, over-temperature maintenance, dynamic hypoxic maintenance, flameout maintenance, to ensure your safety in all aspects.

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