Small Pack Spring Festival Fire Charms

Sales of retail and catering companies in a province in Sichuan achieved RMB 29.5 billion in sales. During the Spring Festival, how much did Sichuan spend? According to the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, during the Spring Festival of 2015, the province’s consumer goods market is rich in supplies and consumption has grown steadily. In the seven days of the Spring Festival, the province’s retail and catering companies achieved sales of 29.5 billion yuan, which was 30% and 10% higher than usual and last year's Spring Festival.
What kind of new items is most popular during the Spring Festival? Person in charge of the Department of Commerce introduced: "The festive party, visiting relatives and friends, tourism and leisure needs, all kinds of affordable small packaged casual snacks, imported foods, become one of New Year's essential 'protagonists', sales flourish."
It is worth mentioning that during the Spring Festival this year, green, ecological, health, and digital products are particularly favored. 3G, 4G mobile phones, smart bracelets and other wearable devices, fashionable headsets, compact and portable micro-cameras and other communications digital products have a good sales trend. According to the monitoring of the Department of Commerce, the communication equipment category during the Spring Festival increased by 17.2% year-on-year.
Small Packing Assistant Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Shows Shentong Heat Shrinkable Packaging Machine The advantages of the environmentally friendly economy demonstrated in the use process are widely used in the packaging of various small products.
The heat shrink packaging machine is one of the most advanced packaging methods in the market. The shrink film is wrapped around the outside of the product or package, and the heat shrinks the shrink film tightly around the product or package, fully displaying the appearance of the product, increasing the product's sales, and increasing Beauty and value. In addition, it has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially small-size product bundle packaging. The small size bundling beer package has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. With the increase in the market demand for small-sized bundled beer packaging, bottle-neck shrink packaging machines will have more room for development.
Small packaging charm geometry?
The lightweight packager comes with a portable device to eat anytime, anywhere, and many health-producing foods are packed into pouches. Small packaged food packaging machines are not only efficient, hygienic, and fast, but also have some protection for food safety issues that are of concern to consumers. This shows that the domestic demand for small packaged food machines is still very large.
In daily life, everyone's love of small snacks brings about good development opportunities for the small packaged food packaging machine industry, and further puts forward higher requirements on the quality and production efficiency of small packaged food packaging machines. Small packaging food packaging machines, although compact in appearance, are functional and powerful. The packaging machine was developed because of the market demand, which brought more convenience to people's lives and more in line with the diversified development requirements of the food industry. In the future, small packaging food packaging machines will be put in the food packaging machine industry. Splendor.

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