[seven plus two] Ward outdoor windproof warm catch fleece 239 package to buy two cash back

VAUDE Ward men and women outdoor windproof warm catch fleece, windproof high collar design, more warm in winter, the hem can be tightened, can be adjusted from the bag, the wind effect is stronger. Special craft dyed and printed fleece fabric, fluffy and comfortable, more body after the upper body, more suitable for hiking, but also can be used as a jacket. A lot of clothes are worn and practical. Men and women are available in a variety of colors, this winter is no longer monotonous!

Seven plus two friends mall VAUDE Ward men and women outdoor windproof warm catch fleece latest group, the original price of 498, group purchase 4.8 fold, the price is 239 yuan. Relative to the price of Tmall flagship store 259 and Vipshop 248 is quite suitable. Now the group buys two pieces of cash back 20 yuan, which is also a good choice for Valentine's Day gifts.

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