Buying wooden furniture, "taking appearances", looking at the logo mark is "king"

A few days ago, the consumer Miss Zhang sent a bedside table to the National Building Materials Inspection Center (Nanjing), because the bedside table called "all solid wood" tastes great, "put it on the bed every day, some pungent, affecting sleep, solid wood It should not be this kind of taste." After the identification of the material, it was finally determined that the support legs of the bedside table were solid wood, and the drawers, frames and panels were all made of wood-based panels. "This kind of bedside table, according to GB/T3324-2008 "General technical conditions for wooden furniture", should belong to comprehensive wood furniture, not the solid wood furniture marked." Zhao Yingfeng, furniture sheet inspection engineer of National Building Materials Inspection Center, said that in fact Even if it is "solid wood furniture", there is no small difference. For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

All three furniture can be labeled "solid wood furniture"
On May 1, 2009, the GB/T3324-2008 version of the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" formulated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Committee was officially implemented. For wood furniture, solid wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture, and comprehensive wood furniture. All solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer furniture have a specific definition.
To put it simply, the so-called solid wood furniture is made of solid wood or solid wood panels, which have been coated with furniture, or after veneering with solid wood veneer or veneer (wood veneer). The furniture is then finished. The solid wood plate refers to the solid wood material formed by the secondary processing of the wood such as the joint material and the laminated timber. According to the proportion and technology of the solid wood material, it is divided into solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture. .
The solid wood furniture in the general consumer concept is actually all solid wood furniture, which means that all wood parts (except for mirror pallets and beading) are made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels. The solid wood furniture specified in the standard is made of solid wood sawn timber and solid wood panels, and the surface is not covered with furniture. Solid wood veneer furniture is made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board, and is covered with solid wood veneer or thin wood (wood veneer).
Zhao Yingfeng introduced that all three kinds of furniture can be labeled "solid wood furniture", but the difference between them is obvious, consumers should have some control. Of particular note is that there is a so-called "solid wood particle board" on the market, and this type of board has nothing to do with solid wood, and should belong to one type of wood-based board.
Comprehensive wood furniture inspection "edge banding" level
Wood-based panel furniture is made of wood-based panels such as fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, blockboard, laminated timber, etc., and the materials for integrated wood furniture include solid wood and wood-based panels. Zhao Yingfeng said that when purchasing these two types of furniture, consumers can intuitively grasp the level of furniture “edge sealing”. It can mainly check whether the furniture has been “sealed” from the top of the drawer. The “edge sealing” treatment can be effective. To reduce the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture, according to national standards, the amount of formaldehyde released from indoor furniture must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg / liter.
Look at the logo mark is "king"
In recent years, complaints about the consumption of wood furniture are not uncommon. Some merchants will use some "concepts" to mislead consumers. Some of the comprehensive wood furniture looks very close to solid wood furniture and is very confusing. Zhao Yingfeng reminds me. When consumers buy, don't just look at how the appearance of wooden furniture is “glamorous and bright”. The key point is to see the type of furniture described in the label, because the instructions for consumers in the General Technical Conditions of Wood Furniture, ie Markings are mandatory. Manufacturers must clearly indicate the materials of wood furniture on the product manual or product label, and this will be an important basis for consumer rights protection. The Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that if you encounter any related quality problems, please call 12365 to report the complaint hotline, and the quality supervision staff will help you defend your rights.

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