Recommend 4 childlike children's beds for a dream childhood

Parents want their children to have a childlike and happy childhood, so they will buy a lot of toys to enrich their childhood. In fact, a child's room and bed can also create a childlike world for children. Below, the editor recommends several safe, comfortable and interesting children's beds for parents, hoping to send a sweet dream to the children.

Kumanju Children's Furniture Pine Bed

Reference price: 2080 yuan

This high and low bed is detachable design, one bed becomes two beds, to solve the troubles of the second child, easy to change when you want to disassemble; the supporting rack can be placed for children's bedtime books and beloved toys, under the bed tow box, winter quilt The out-of-season clothes are no longer afraid to have no place to put it; the hanging ladder is fixed to the bed body, not occupying land, not shaking, to avoid children getting up at night and touching the ladder; 6-fold reinforced design, let children sleep more safely.

Hello kitty princess bed 1.2m bed

Reference price: 1299 yuan

Every girl has a princess dream since childhood, this hello kitty princess bed will satisfy the dreams of many little girls: a comfortable bed with a soft mattress, just like sleeping on the cloud, accompanied by anime and cartoon, Children can definitely have a sweet dream. The material of the bed is made of E0 grade board, the formaldehyde content is lower than the domestic standard, no odor, truly green and environmental protection, and safely protect the health of children.

Disney side cabinet bed multifunctional combined children bed

Reference price: 4299 yuan

Do you have such an experience? There are more and more debris in the child's room, and the boxes are turned around to make the room dirty and messy! You can try this multifunctional storage bed, all the debris can be collected in the cabinet, multi-layer design, convenient classification, let the child find his favorite baby quickly, and have a beautiful dream after tidying up!

Disney / Disney Cool Mandy Naughty Mickey Board Bed

Reference price: 1599 yuan

Mickey is a classic image of Disney, and a cartoon toy that children like very much. With Mickey's company, I believe that children can have a sweet dream every night. The bed edge is designed with soft rounded corners to prevent sharp corner injuries, and the humanized design for safe seeing allows parents to rest assured that the children can sleep alone. , Farther away from heavy metal and formaldehyde pollution.

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