Removing eye bags, tips, and getting old

Tips for removing eye bags
The main reasons for the formation of eye bags are living habits and heredity. In addition, long-term lack of sleep, often wearing contact lenses, or cleansing is not soft enough, may cause eye bags. Some people are young but their bags are very obvious, which is the cause of heredity. The skin of the lower jaw and the orbicularis muscle relax, and the fat is bulged outward through the weak diaphragm of the eyelid, causing it to sag. It is characterized by sagging and bulging skin of the lower jaw, giving people a feeling of aging and lack of energy. When you don't have an eye bag, you can prevent it by using physical methods such as eye cream. However, these physical methods have no effect once the bags under the eyes appear. Only by surgical removal of the eye bags, we generally recommend a combination of eye creams after surgery. Make you young for a long time.
1, cold compress swelling: If the eye bags caused by lack of sleep, can be relieved by cold compress. Wrap two or three pieces of ice with plastic wrap, fold the towel over the eyelids, and place the ice on it. The cotton pad with frozen tea or soaked in frozen milk also has a swelling and calming effect.
2, homemade cucumber eye mask: the beauty effect of cucumber is unquestionable, you can apply the sliced ​​cucumber in the area of ​​the eye bags, used to calm the skin to help reduce the symptoms of dark circles. However, please remember that the skin of the gherkin eye mask is clean and thin, easy to sunburn, so avoid the sun, so as not to eliminate the eye bags but more freckles.

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