These 37 charges will not be paid from next month! Make you relevant!

Since November 1, 2015, 37 administrative fees have been cancelled and suspended nationwide (see table below).

Since January 1, 2016, the collective household account management service fee (including the fee for the nature of business services) collected by the public employment and talent service agencies of the departments such as human resources and social security has been cancelled.

The "Notice" emphasizes that the financial and price departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) must pay close attention to the comprehensive clean-up of administrative fees and charges set up at the provincial level. Cancellation of unreasonable charges that belong to the government to provide universal public services or to reflect general management functions, and whose main purpose is to raise people and violate the basic principles of the market economy. Resolutely ban all kinds of arbitrary charges.

All regions, relevant departments and units shall strictly implement the provisions of this Notice, and shall not delay or refuse to execute the fees and charges for the cancellation and suspension of the collection. The finance and price departments at all levels shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of this notice. If the relevant fees and charges are not cancelled or suspended according to the regulations, the relevant provisions shall be punished and the administrative responsibility of the responsible person shall be investigated .

It is reported that since the establishment of the new government in 2013, a series of measures to clear the charges have been taken. At the central level, 427 administrative fees and government funds have been cancelled, suspended, and exempted, which can reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals by about 100 billion yuan each year. At the local level, a large number of toll collection projects established in the region were also cancelled and exempted. According to statistics, in 2014, only provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) cancelled more than 600 charges.

The next step is to implement directory inventory management.

For the administrative and institutional fees retained after the clean-up, a list of the catalogues shall be prepared at the central and provincial levels to clarify the project name, establishment basis, and charging standards, etc., and shall be open to the public on the websites of the Ministry of Finance and the provincial finance departments, and accept the public. Supervision. Charges other than the list of items shall not be enforced, and citizens, legal persons and other organizations have the right to refuse to pay.

Administrative fees charged for cancellation and suspension from November 1 (37 in total)

I. Cancelled administrative fees (33 items in total)

Civil affairs department

1. Issue (none) marriage registration record proof fee

financial department

2. Registered Asset Appraiser Licensing Jewelry Assessment Professional Examination Fee

Human resources and social security department

3. Quality professional and technical personnel professional qualification examination, examination fee

4. Corporate legal counsel qualification examination, examination fee

5. Registered Asset Appraiser Licensing Examination, Examination Fee

6. Assistant Advertiser, Advertiser Professional Qualification Examination, Examination Fee

7 . Consulting engineer (investment) professional qualification examination, examination fee

Land and resources department

8. Land Appraiser Examination, Examination Fee

9. Land registration agent professional qualification examination, examination fee

Housing urban and rural construction department

10 . House rental fee

11. Real estate agent qualification examination registration, examination fee

12. Property management qualification examination, examination fee

Transportation department

13 . Magnetic compass correction test fee

Agricultural sector

14 . Fishery ship nationality registration certificate fee

15 . Fishery ship deregistration fee

Customs department

16. Customs clearance fee

Tax department

17. Registered tax accountant qualification examination, examination fee

Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Department

18. Organization code certificate fee

19. Periodic inspection fee in product quality supervision and inspection fee

20 . Measurement certification fee

Press and publication radio and television department

twenty one. Request for deferred processing fee in computer software copyright registration fee

Sports department

twenty two. Annual registration fee for participating individuals and groups

twenty three. Participation fee for participating sports teams and athletes

twenty four. Club player transfer fee

25. Chess and martial arts section evaluation fee

26. Driver rating fee

27. Sports horse registration fee

Tourism department

28 . Entry visa fee

29. Industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration site signage (including certificate) fee

30. Star signage (including certificate) cost

31. Grade A tourist scenic spot sign (including certificate) cost

China Insurance Regulatory Commission

32. Actuary qualification examination fee


33. Railway road protection joint defense fee

2. Administrative fees and charges for suspension of collection (four in total)

Agricultural sector

1. Animal and animal product quarantine fee

Customs department

2. Customs intellectual property filing fee

Forestry department

3. Forest plant quarantine fee

4. Wildlife import and export management fee




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