Former East German Prime Minister to inspect Kangshuo 3D printing base

On September 12, former East German Prime Minister Lothar de Maiziere came to Sanshui to visit the Kangshuo Group 3D printing base. After understanding the high-precision 3D printers of Kangshuo Group, Demezier said that he has also inspected the 3D printing industry in Germany, but has not seen such high-precision 3D printers, and hopes that Kangshuo Group can cooperate with German companies.

The purpose of Demezier's trip was to examine the layout and progress of China Manufacturing 2025 and Industry 4.0. He said that 3D printing itself is an important component of Industry 4.0. There is a huge market in Germany and China, which has greatly enhanced the traditional industry. “China and Germany are in sync with the process of Industry 4.0. I have seen some Chinese factories and technologies are moving towards Industry 4.0.” De Mezier said that the factory area of ​​Kangshuo 3D Printing Base is neat, standardized and orderly. He feels that he is in a business in Munich, Germany.

De Mezee hopes that Kangshuo Group can cooperate with German companies to bring their technology to China. Liu Zhiping, marketing director of Kangshuo Group, told reporters that German 3D printing technology is the world leader, and the company has long had plans to introduce German technology.

Lothar Demezier was the last prime minister of the former Democratic Germany and was later appointed as the highest adviser to the Foshan Sino-German Industrial Service.



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