Professional outdoor insurance "true donkey friend"

Professional outdoor insurance "true donkey friend"
Date: 2016-03-11 14:41

With the gradual expansion of the ALICE team, adventure travel has also become a popular fashion activity among young people. Due to the danger and uncertainty of the adventure tour itself, accidents have repeatedly occurred. So, what kind of aspects should we pay attention to when choosing a suitable professional outdoor insurance? Let's listen to what the experts say.

1. Adventure Tour should pay attention to the exemption clause

Adventure travel has become a kind of recreational activity that modern young people are more and more like. Because this kind of activity has a certain degree of danger, the required insurance must not be less, but at present the tourist group often chooses general accident insurance and accident medical insurance.

Relevant data show that the proportion of outdoor sports insurance purchase is still less than 10%. It should be noted that general personal accident insurance does not include high-risk activities. Almost all accident insurance based on mountaineering, climbing, skiing, and horse riding are marked as extreme sports. Exclusion responsibility. To obtain a professional safety guarantee, experts recommend that you must make sure that your sport is covered by the insurance coverage when you are applying for insurance. At the same time, we must pay attention to whether this type of outdoor insurance is accompanied by accidental medical insurance and whether emergency assistance can be provided in case of emergency.

2. Tailor-made high risk insurance

Outdoor sports insurance, high-risk sports insurance, etc. are usually additional risks for accident insurance. When insurance is insured, additional premiums are required. The scope of coverage includes diving, skiing, paragliding, rock climbing, bungee jumping and other ordinary non-competitive high-risk sports. There are also some The company guarantees outdoor sports that are popular among donkeys through adventures, snow-capped climbing, and field survival. The guarantee period is more than 10 days. This type of insurance is not expensive. Donkeys can choose to purchase according to the planned route and the activities they participate in. Considering all factors together, they can make reasonable arrangements. In terms of high-risk travel, domestic insurance companies have already made breakthroughs, and many companies have introduced distinctive domestic and foreign travel insurance to provide protection for their donkeys. Taking the domestic tourism protection plan B as an example, the coverage age of this product ranges from 1 to 80 years old, with a daily premium of 10 yuan and a 10-day premium of 40 yuan, which covers a wide range of protection. For most outdoor projects, insurance companies have introduced corresponding products, but competitive projects are still not underwriting.

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