Recycled plastic production process

Here is the kind of recycled pure material that can replace the new material.

For re-granulation, some people do not always have to turn around outside the door. The result is a waste of time and money.


Choose the right material - crushing - washing - drying - granulation - drying - drying time 1, some material bought back, not clean, wash, crush, granulation.
2, some of the material is not good granulation, it is simple to use a 60-net network to create it again, and then use 200-mesh network.
3, granulation generally use the machine, so the efficiency is higher, the quality is also more reliable.
4, 200 mesh mesh used for granulation use tin steel mesh, more than 2300 yuan a roll. The slave mother machine must be placed on the net. Do not choose cheap nets, because they are easy to break down, but can not find it.
5, the humidity of the material, the mother machine 1,2 zone temperature is slightly lower.
(6) When reclaimed material is pelletized, the general temperature is higher than its own melting point. This can volatilize the material's ink and other invisible impurities.
7, when the use of materials drying is also very important, generally look good material is not easy to use because the moisture inside did not dry, conditional vacuum can be. Must be baked and used, so that we can find the reason.
8, to grasp, do not listen to the authority, the right one is good.

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