India's Micro Inks ink companies enter the Chinese market

After 13 years of development, a small ink company established in 1991 has now become the world's top 15 multinational ink giant, creating a myth in the history of the world's ink industry.

Instek's ink and resin company in India is a model for the introduction of international capital and advanced ink production technology. Its success has set the direction for China's growing ink companies. The company started from private ink companies with very limited investment, and has continued to expand due to adopting the correct market strategy. Its output value has grown from the initial under-million dollar to the current approximately US$250 million and continues to grow rapidly.

In April 2004, Hintisstan Ink & Resins officially changed its name to Micro Inks, which is used to unify over 50 branches all over the world. At the same time, it began to enter the Chinese market, first set up a representative office in Shanghai, and its first company in China will also open in the near future.

Micro Inks’ US subsidiary currently ranks 11th in the nation’s largest ink company. This is only temporary. The company’s leadership believes that it will reach the top 5 in the near future. This is also the strategic goal of Micro Inks. a part of.

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