European company launches glass coating machine

The European glass manufacturer PLM Company introduced the glass coating machine for the first time and can process 15 to 90 bottles per minute. The coating sequence is input bottle → acceptance → immersed in base coating solution → drying base coating → cooling → immersed in final coating solution → dry coating → moving bottle → coating hardening → cooling. This process provides two methods for glass bottle coating: one for single coating systems for decoration; and second, dual coating systems for lightweight recyclable and disposable bottles. Single coating bases are formulated with polyurethane to give transparent, color transparent, matt and matte finishes. The first layer of the double coating is called the base layer and consists of a low-modulus synthetic rubber, which allows the bottle to avoid crushing or scattering into small pieces, and has good UV protection. The second layer consists of a high-modulus polyurethane. Makes bottles resistant to corrosion, impact and chemical attack. As a result, the strength of the glass bottle is increased, the thickness of the bottle wall is reduced, the quality is reduced by 50%, and the production cost and transportation cost are accordingly reduced.


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