Wine bottle caps: Screw caps have many advantages over cork stoppers

Wine bottles sealed with spiral caps are better than cork-sealed wines! This is the conclusion of an expert wine tasting organized by Wine International. International Wine magazine organized this wine tasting to resolve the dispute between cork stoppers and screw caps. The sommeliers hired by the organizers are internationally renowned experts in wine appreciation, including the famous wine consultants MichelRolland and PeterGago of Penfolds. The experts tasted 40 kinds of grape sprinkling, and each type of wine was sealed in four forms: natural cork stoppers, synthetic cork stoppers, screw caps, and regular bottle caps.

Experts praised 21 of the wines sealed with spiral caps. Among them, Australia's 1996 Penfolds wine sealed with a screw cap was one of the highest scorers, and 77% of the evaluation experts gave it a high rating. The only cork-sealed wine with a high score was a Sauvignon Blanc in 2002, and only 57% of the experts praised it.

Wine writer Robert Joseph believes that the results of this review show that consumers are biased towards screw caps. He also explained that non-corked bottle caps are better sealed because they do not give the wine a “cork scent” and effectively prevent air ingress. He also stressed that recent research results have denied the claim that wine needs breathing.

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