Layout of fluorescent inks for screen printing

The screen printing fluorescent ink is an ink made from a fluorescent pigment as a color material. Fluorescent pigments are made from fluorescent dyes and synthetic resins. The pigment particle size is 5-15um. The following points should be noted when using fluorescent inks.

Fluorescent inks are used in printed products used outdoors, and additives should be added. Fluorescent inks are suitable for printing with a screen size of 300 mesh or less, high-tension screens, and moderate squeegee printing. The transfer volume of printed ink on foot substrates is considered to be 50 to 60 g/m2, and the hair color and light resistance are ideal. Glossy processing will slightly reduce the fluorescence effect, it should use a good transparency oil.

When the substrate is a transparent material, white ink is printed before the fluorescent ink is printed, which can improve the fluorescence effect. Can also be printed on paper with high whiteness, the higher the whiteness of the paper, the better the printing effect.

When the fluorescent ink is used for printing the background color, if it can be printed with the same color system, the color saturation can be improved and the light resistance can be improved. When the fluorescent ink is used for printing concave color printing products, such as for magenta and yellow printing plates, it can be obtained. Bright prints. Multi-color printing of yellow and red plates can also produce bright prints using fluorescent inks. Pay attention to the printing sequence to improve the printing effect.

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