Offset printing ink is approaching the advanced level in foreign countries

Since the 1970s, with the rapid growth of economic development on a global scale and the ever-increasing levels of people's culture and living standards, the printing industry has developed at a rapid rate in the world and in China. With the advancement of the printing industry, printing technology and printing equipment have been continuously improved. Among them, offset printing has its unique advantages. For example, rapid and convenient plate making, low cost, high printing quality, wide paper use, and reduced printability. Great attention has been gradually paid by the domestic and foreign printing manufacturers, making it a rapid and widespread development, so that offset printing in the international printing industry has occupied a dominant position, offset printing ink has also been a relatively rapid development. In order to adapt to the needs of various printing equipments, substrates, various packaging and decoration products, and publishing and printing, the types of offset printing inks are increasing day by day, the level of ink manufacturing technology is continuously improving, and the ink output is increasingly expanding. According to relevant information, currently offset printing inks account for about 40% of the total amount of printing inks, and this proportion will not change much within a certain period of time.

Foreign Offset Printing Ink Market Status

In recent years, with the development of the world economy and the ever-increasing level of people’s cultural life, the ink industry in the developed countries has also experienced rapid development. The printing and publishing industry and printing and decorating products have gradually developed towards diversification and gentrification. In order to meet the needs of users, the pursuit of fine print and gentrification, printing plants continue to update and improve printing equipment. The advent of high-speed, multi-color, low-pollution, and high-efficiency printing equipment has prompted printers to continue to make new demands on ink manufacturers. According to statistics, in the ink production of more developed countries, offset printing ink products mainly include offset bright fast drying ink, non-heat solid offset rotary printing ink, press rotation ink, etc., followed by ultraviolet drying ink and infrared drying ink. Synthetic paper offset printing inks, iron printing inks, inkless printing inks, and special offset printing inks.

In order to meet the user's requirements for different grades, according to the main printing requirements, including: color, density, dryness, water resistance, printing speed, on-board stability and other major ink quality indicators to introduce different grades of ink for users to choose.

In addition, in order to protect the environment from pollution, foreign printing inks have also put forward new requirements in terms of low toxicity, no pollution, etc. Environmental protection and non-pollution have been used by more and more users as an important indicator of ink purchase.

The status of domestic ink industry

In recent years, with the development of China's printing industry, the development pace of the domestic ink industry is also accelerating, with the introduction of a large number of imported and domestic high-speed offset presses and the use of new types of printing substrates (for example, offset printing has traditionally used coated paper in the past. , from the version of paper, cardboard to expand the matt paper that is matt paper, gold version of paper, silver version of paper, aluminum foil and other printed substrates), the printing of new technology and the special nature of printing after processing, require ink companies rely on scientific and technological progress We will continue to develop marketable new products and improve old products so that our product varieties will gradually increase and our quality will gradually approach the international advanced level. The renewal of ink production equipment and the improvement of production technology have also gradually received the attention of manufacturers. In the past ten years, major ink manufacturers in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiyuan and other places have paid attention to collecting market information and continuously developing marketable new types of offset printing ink products, such as: adapting to high-grade offset bright light and quick-drying ink of more than 10,000 printing/hour , Cardboard Ink, Matte Paper Ink (glossy ink), News Rotary Ink, Coldset Offset Transfer Ink, Ultraviolet Light Curable Ink, Offset Synthetic Paper Ink, Imprinted Ink Ink, and Newly Launched Thermosets in China in Recent Years The output of Offset Transfer Printing inks and other products has been increasing year by year, and the quality has caught up with or approached the international advanced level and has been recognized by printing customers at home and abroad. In addition to selling on the domestic market, in addition to the high-grade inks that had to be imported in the past, some were exported to the international market. Some high value-added special offset inks have also been successfully developed to meet the requirements of special printing. At present, most of the products in the offset ink product overview map can be produced by major ink manufacturers in the country, meeting the needs of the printing industry.

In addition, the domestic major ink manufacturers pay attention to the quality standardization and internationalization of offset printing ink products, and some ink product colors have reached the US PAN-TONE color standard.

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