Core winding tension adjustment structure

The winding tension adjustment structure of the core winding machine comprises a paper reel, a fixed shaft, an outer end of which has external threads, and a portion of the bar-shaped keys parallel to the axis that protrudes from the shaft surface at a position close to the inner end of the external threads. In the frame; a rotating shaft has a circular through hole at the center, and a tapered hole is formed at the outer end of the shaft; the through hole of the rotating shaft is in operative cooperation with a bar key of the fixed shaft; With the tapered plug, the central part has a through hole with a cross-section shape of the fixed axis bar key, and is set on the bar key part of the fixed axis, and is matched with the fixed axis; a spring is set on the fixed axis, and is Compression is mounted between the shaft and the conical plug; an adjusting nut whose internal thread is in dynamic engagement with the external thread of the external end of the shaft, with its inner face pressed against the outer end face of the conical plug.

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