Solid painting materials for textile transfer printing

This material is based on binders, extender dyes and sublimating dyes as essential ingredients. According to the need to add dispersants, plasticizers, anti-settling agents and other preparations for the transfer printing solid paint material. It is to draw a pattern on the paper base material so that the pattern overlaps with the cloth, and after heating, the pattern is sublimated and transferred to the cloth used for the textile transfer printing solid paint material. First, the characteristics: (1) use the same as the crayon or wax, writing directly on the paper, simple and convenient. (2) Painting is good. You can draw detailed patterns on paper and write small texts. (3) Sublimation transfer is good for printing and dyeing. The subtle texts and detailed patterns transferred from the sublimation to the cloth are clearly visible, and the colors are dark and vivid. (4) The sublimate matter is transferred to the floor and it does not affect the hand feeling of the cloth, and the washing firmness is good. (5) Suitable for handwriting. (6) It is written on paper. Even if it fails to write, it will not waste cloth. Second, use: suitable for writing on paper, to a variety of cotton, hemp fabrics and polyester fibers, acetate fibers, acrylic fibers, nylon fibers, and their blends and natural fibers produced by sublimation transfer printing can also be used Write directly to the aforementioned textiles and use them for painting.

Source: Hotspot Technology Network

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