Carton gravure pre-printing technology

The domestic packaging industry once held a wait-and-see attitude on whether pre-printing can be spread. Experts also debated the advantages and disadvantages of the two printing processes. Hebei Xianghe Purunxin Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gao's Paper Group, has concluded from the operational argument that the gravure preprinted carton exceeds the traditional offset veneer process in quality, efficiency, economy and return. Beijing Prince Milk Company adopted pre-printing, the unit price dropped from 1.46 yuan to 1.25 yuan, and the intensity was inversely higher than that of offset printing. The company uses 5 million cartons a year and saves 1 million yuan using pre-printing technology. After two years of cost accounting, the carton factory determined that the compressive strength of the pre-printed carton with the same paper material exceeds 30% of the offset printing carton, and the fineness of the printed surface is almost the same as that of offset printing. Completely eliminate the defects of through flute.

The Prince's milk pre-printed carton was printed by Gao's Xianghe Printing Factory. There are eight carton printing factories under Gao's. The six-color gravure pre-printing machine of Purinxin was imported from Shaanxi Beiren, with a width of 1650mm and a speed of 120 per minute. At present, the monthly work starts at 25 shifts, and there are 4 million color boxes provided for Mengniu 1 liter × 6 individual breeds each month. Purinxin is the "pre-printing center" of Gaoshi Group. From here, roll paper is sent to carton processing factories around the country to meet the needs of modern dairy companies to build factories in different places. It reflects the pre-printing of "centralized printing and dispersion into boxes". Printing carton production mode.

Gravure pre-printing is booming in the northern beverage packaging industry. In addition to Gao's supply of pre-printed carton boxes to Mengniu through the Hohhot carton factory, Baotou Tiancheng introduced a Huayang paper gravure machine to supply 2 million Mengniu boxes per month. Yili, Sanlu, Chengde Lulu, Tsingtao Brewery followed closely, and the proportion of the number of preprinted cartons gradually increased. Tianjin Yannan, Sanlu Group, Qingdao Jinlong, Beijing Light Union, Baoding Zhongshida, Fannan Caiye, Tangshan Sanli, Fuji Jiali, Chengde Lulu Carton Factory all have their own gravure pre-printing production lines. After accumulating gravure pre-printing experience, Yannan Carton is considering the introduction of satellite-based flexo pre-printing machines and targeting the Italian partner FLEXO of Xi'an Huayang as a machine supplier, indicating that pre-printing has a broad prospect in China Space for survival and development.

Process innovation

The process flow of gravure pre-printing technology is: multi-color printing roll paper of paper gravure machine → board tile on cardboard line → cutting paste box of die cutting machine.

The unit-type gravure printing machine can complete high-quality, multi-color color roll paper printing at one time. Because the current cycle and cost of gravure production are close to flexo printing, gravure printers have developed a carton gravure pre-printing machine suitable for China's national conditions, which is more expensive The satellite-based flexo pre-printing machine with low cost system is very suitable for China's packaging enterprises. The innovative process of gravure preprinted carton has more advantages than the traditional color offset printing method:

· high productivity. The printing speed of gravure printing roll paper is up to 120 meters per minute, which is basically matched with the domestic corrugated cardboard production line. Compared with the method of mounting the tile after the offset printing of flat sheet paper, it has the advantages of high efficiency, less processes and low cost.

· With high-quality color effects, and ink-and-water printing. The gravure ink layer is full and the color is bright, and the sufficient drying system after each color printing ensures the non-slip and abrasion resistance of the printed surface. At present, domestic high-temperature resistant gravure pre-printing inks and varnishes have been developed, which can withstand the high temperature of 180 ° C and the friction of the hot plate on the hot end of the corrugated wire.

· Large format multi-color printing. The maximum format of traditional color offset printing is generally 1420 mm × 1200 mm (complete book), up to four colors. The printing format of the domestic paper gravure machine has reached 2500 mm, and the ink glazing roller has 6 groups to 10 groups, and can print gold and silver ink with special effect colors. According to Xianghe Purunxin, all Yamaha keyboards in Asia are preprinted with the company's intaglio.

· Long-run printing shows its advantages. The number of gravure printing rollers withstand printing is not less than 3 million times. Large single batch orders can save plate-changing time and standby cost.

· Improve the strength of corrugated boxes. The pre-printing process mounts the tiles on the cardboard line roll-to-roll. There is a certain heating time when the corrugated board is formed, which can avoid the crushing and uneven coating of the corrugation caused by the offset printing surface, the warpage of the cardboard and the surface ribs. And other phenomena.

· Higher cost performance. The quality of gravure printing is good, and the strength of the carton is high. Using the same material, the strength of the pre-printed carton is higher than that of offset printing, so the carton cost can be saved by reducing the weight of the cardboard.

System improvements

In the past two years, paper gravure machine, cardboard line and ink manufacturers have made many technical improvements to the uneven winding, hot plate dragging and paper breakage in the pre-printing process. The new-generation gravure pre-printing machine can ensure that the diameter difference between the inner and outer rings of the winding is controlled within ± 5mm, the temperature resistance of the varnish to the printed surface reaches 220 ° C, and the error of the vertical and horizontal cutting recognition system is controlled within 1mm.

The technical difficulty that currently plagues gravure preprinting is no longer machine equipment, but paper. Due to the unstable moisture content of the domestic gray-scale white plate paper, drying after printing causes the paper to shrink and form inaccurate color registration. Starting from the second color, the difficulty of color registration is greater than one color, and the color deviation of the last color will be about 0.5mm. Since lowering the drying temperature cannot solve the fundamental problem, it is usually necessary to re-plate the following colors, especially the last color. In order to avoid reversion, the carton factory came up with a method to reduce the size color by color, which increased the technical difficulty for platemakers.

From the point of view of the paper moisture and the instability of wide-width paper, the most suitable gravure pre-printer door width should be set to 1200mm, and the narrow width can avoid a series of printing problems caused by paper shrinkage.

The current commercial application of gravure pre-printing is limited to the beverage packaging industry with larger batches. The carton factory has approved the economic batch of gravure printing cartons to be 300,000, lower than the batch customers should pay the plate-making fee. But at present, it is also common to use 100,000 cartons of dairy factories to change the version of the carton. At 0.24 yuan per square centimeter, a version roller needs at least 800 yuan, and a set of thousands of yuan. Carton factory is responsible for all. The only exception is that Xianghe Purunxin makes pre-printed carton boxes for Yamaha keyboards in Japan. Regardless of the number, the plate-making fee will be paid for by customers. Carton manufacturers believe that as carton users gradually form a stable brand image and the supply chain system is becoming better, gravure pre-printing will usher in a new round of development opportunities.

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