How many mistakes did you make in home improvement?

In May, the decoration season in the year began. Today, Xiaobian has exposed the mistakes that have been made in the decoration that I have collected, so that everyone can understand and understand that everyone should avoid the same mistakes in the decoration.

1. Many times, when we walk into a friend's home that we have never been to, we will have the feeling of “like deja vu”. The same style of decoration is the current status quo. Many people blindly follow the trend when they are renovating, and they don't know which style is more suitable for them.


Be sure to communicate with the designer before the renovation. In addition, when the designer proposes a more targeted design, in the construction process, the designer must be on site to confirm the progress and construction effect, in order to decorate the home that truly meets their own personality.

2. Some people fill the wall of the bedroom with a closet during renovation. However, as the decoration becomes more and more simple, this practice has rarely been applied in the decoration process of modern homes. In addition, since it is necessary to use a large number of plates and glue and lacquer products for wall cabinets, it is difficult to guarantee environmental protection. It is recommended that you use them as little as possible.


The wall cabinet is mainly used for storage. If there are not many things at home, there is no need to do the closet. If you like, you can put some small partitions on the wall and put some decorations such as photo frames and crafts. If you have a lot of things at home, you can store them in the closet, bed box, storage room, etc.

3. In the traditional decoration concept, the bathroom should be equipped with sliding doors, which is conducive to daylighting. However, when the sliding door is used for a long time, the sliding rail will be blocked by dirt, which causes inconvenience.


The bathroom decoration should use the sliding door as little as possible. It is recommended to use the wooden door. If the wooden door is too stuffy, you can choose a wooden door with a glass decoration. This solves the problem of lighting and beautiful.

4. Warm and dazzling lights are very desirable. When used, many lights are rarely used. All lights are turned on at the same time, and the heat is extremely high. The lighting will play a finishing touch to the decoration of the room, but the indoor lighting should not be used too much, because it will not only cause unnecessary waste of funds, but also it is very troublesome to take care of.


After all, living at home is not like being in public, making it too fancy is often counterproductive. The headlights used for the main lighting must ensure sufficient brightness, and the rest of the lamps can be chosen according to their preferences for different colors and brightness.

5. In order to save money, many people choose to play their own furniture during the renovation, but they can't save much money at the end of the renovation, and they buy materials and supervise workers. They have been sinned inside and outside, and the modern home market is coming. The more the furniture prices are more transparent, the more choices consumers have. In addition, the precision of machined production is higher than that of hand-made, so whether it is price or style, it is more suitable to buy furniture.


If the conditions permit, it is recommended that the owner use less furniture during the decoration process, try to buy branded furniture with high reputation and good quality in the regular home store, and also allow the furniture manufacturer to tailor it according to the specific size specifications of the home.

6. Some people with a lively character can't wait to brush all kinds of colors on the wall during the decoration. Although the black + white matching method is not the only choice for modern people to decorate, more beautiful colors appear in the room, but this does not mean that you can apply color on the wall at will. After all, strong colors appear in front of you every day. Over time, it can cause visual fatigue and cause mental depression.


Home is a place to relax, so it is best to lighten the color of the wall to help your health. In fact, if you match some bright and colorful accessories, you can make the owner and the visiting guests shine.

7. Some people choose some cheap curtains when they buy curtains. In fact, the choice of curtains is very important. Many curtains are made of chemical synthetic fiber fabrics. The raw materials are coal, oil, natural gas, etc., and the moisture absorption is poor. It is not breathable, and it will release some harmful gases. Using such fabrics as curtains can easily lead to poor air circulation and bacterial reproduction, which can cause diseases.


It can use the functional textile curtains, which can effectively block 99.8% of ultraviolet rays, protect the human body and extend the service life of the furniture. The easy-to-spinning curtains also have the function of thermal insulation, which can save a lot of electricity. Curtains should also be changed frequently, because curtains are our "masks", and clean masks can better protect our health.

The mistakes made in the above decoration, I hope you know it is not too late!

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