Anti-decubitus air mattress is not good?

Anti-decubitus air mattresses are a big gospel for patients who are sick in bed. Patients with such troubles can alleviate pain and troubles. For patients without troubles, they can also play an anti-decubitus effect, which is quite reliable! However, anti-decubitus air mattresses are not easy to use, and how to use them is a problem that everyone cares but does not understand. For everyone's confusion, the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian for everyone to answer!


1. Learn how the anti-decubitus air mattress works.

The core component of the core is the two internal airbags. By periodically inflating and deflation of the two airbags, the implantation of the body of the bed patient can be changed, so that hemorrhoids can not grow. In addition, it can also promote blood circulation of the patient's body and improve the circulatory system, thereby improving the body.

  2. How to inflate?

The anti-decubitus air bed in the market is mainly divided into two types: an automatic inflatable air bed equipped with an electric air pump and an autonomous inflatable air bed. Anti-decubitus air bed valve can be divided into multiple layers, the outermost is the inflation port, and the most internal force is the venting port. These two settings can not be messed up, then the air pump can be connected and inflated.


3. Determination of quality.

For the quality of anti-decubitus air mattresses, the texture is soft, feels good, and the thickness is sufficient. If it is used as a stroke patient and a high paraplegic patient, the requirement will be higher. Therefore, the quality of the anti-decubitus air mattress, its surface undulations, materials, stress points, etc., will affect the performance.

Fourth, the choice of brand.

The brands on the market are mixed, and consumers may choose the products with problems if they are not careful. For the anti-decubitus air mattress brand, it is good to be an intex air bed. The air bed products under the intex brand have always been in the leading position in the industry and are internationally renowned brands. In addition, Taiwan Yabo, Jiangsu Yuyue and other brands belong to the domestic first-line brand, it is worthy of everyone's choice.

Anti-decubitus air mattress related knowledge, decoration home decoration network Xiaobian is introduced to everyone here, I hope that after you understand the working principle and use of the product, you can choose according to the brand, quality, and actual needs. . More exciting content, please pay attention to the home decoration section of the decoration home decoration network! Updates from time to time! !

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